DraftKings S.E.R.V.E.S. is a program dedicated to serving our employees, our customers, and those in pursuit of innovation everywhere.


Our Mission

At DraftKings, we’re committed to creating inclusive and responsible pathways for people to build, create, imagine and innovate. DraftKings S.E.R.V.E.S. is a catalyst that facilitates meaningful relationships between our employees and customers and the communities and causes they feel passionate about to create a better world for everyone.

S logo for Service


It’s our honor to serve veterans through our Tech for Heroes program. Our player community also loves to support worthy causes with our charity contests.

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E logo for Equity


We’re dedicated to fostering inclusion, equity, and belonging. We strive to create a culture that makes our employees feel safe, empowered, engaged, and championed.

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R logo for Responsibility


Our responsible gaming mission is to mitigate harm and protect the vulnerable with groundbreaking technology, training, resources, and the support of evidence-based research.

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V logo for Vitality


Vitality fuels innovation. The health, sustainability and well-being of our employees and communities are cornerstones of our work as we strive to be the best, most-trusted sports entertainment operator.

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E logo for Entreprem


It’s our goal to support entrepreneurs in our industry and around the world. We’re driven to expand opportunities to underrepresented groups to grow diverse, innovative teams.

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S logo for Sports


Innovation drives our purpose to entertain and inspire millions. Through sponsorships, DraftKings continues to take an active role in sports-tech innovation.

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Contest Schedule

Enter our free-to-play pools and DFS contests to help support these causes.

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