Responsible gaming

Our Stance

At DraftKings, we believe that life is more fun with skin in the game and we want it to stay that way. That’s the significance of safer play. It’s important to remember that you should only bet what you can afford and always set reasonable limits for yourself. From the second you open your account to the moment you collect your winnings, our number one priority is to make sure you’re playing safely and responsibly.

We provide our players with tools to set budgets, limits, and cool-off periods, and always give you the option to self-exclude. Stay informed and learn the details of the games you’re playing. If, for any reason, you feel like you need help, we strongly encourage you to contact your local responsible gaming organizations.

  • Set a realistic budget that you can afford to gamble. Never play beyond your means.
  • Set a time limit on your gambling and stick to it.
  • Don’t place large bets in the hopes of winning big.
  • Don’t try to make money by chasing your losses.
  • Gambling should not be viewed as a pathway to financial gains. Gambling is not a shortcut to financial success.

If you feel your gambling is out of control, seek help. Help is available in most states and can be found at the National Council on Problem Gambling

To Promote Responsible Gaming

DraftKings will make information available promoting responsible gaming and will provide assistance and resources including a national toll-free helpline number. This information will be available and visible on our websites, apps, retail sportsbooks and in our offices.

DraftKings will continually monitor our responsible gaming pages for activity and update with new information when available and necessary.

DraftKings will comply with industry standard best practices.

To prevent underage gambling

DraftKings will take proactive steps to prevent underage gambling.

DraftKings will communicate the legal age to gamble through messaging on all our platforms and in our promotions. 

Employees working in relevant areas of the business will receive training in procedures designed to address underage users and underage gambling.

to advertise responsibly

DraftKings will comply with applicable state and federal advertising standards.

DraftKings will not make unfair or deceptive claims or make misleading statements regarding the probabilities of winning or losing at the various games offered. 

DraftKings will include a responsible gaming message and/or toll-free helpline number on all our platforms. 

DraftKings will not feature anyone who is or appears to be younger than the legal age to participate in gambling or sports betting activity, or otherwise imply that underage persons engage in our products.

DraftKings will comply with industry standard best practices.

pledge to the public

DraftKings will equip customers with the tools to gamble and play responsibly.

DraftKings will help patrons make informed choices about their gambling by posting information on all our platforms about how to play, establish limits, set cool-off periods and enroll in self-exclusion.

DraftKings will support funding for evidence-based research and evaluation on gambling.

DraftKings will support organizations that advocate and promote programs and services that assist problem gamblers and their families.

Pledge to our employees

DraftKings will require all new employees to take responsible gaming training.

DraftKings will provide information to new and existing employees about responsible gaming, the company’s policies and practices related to responsible gaming and where to find assistance.

DraftKings will provide employees with mandatory annual and/or periodic refresher training on responsible gaming. This training will identify the differences between responsible gaming and gambling that may be problematic.

DraftKings will implement communications programs for employees to improve their understanding of responsible gaming and related policies and procedures.

DraftKings will provide employees with updates regarding new research and new topics that may be integrated into DraftKings’ responsible gaming training programs.

DraftKings will post responsible gaming awareness information, including a toll-free helpline number, at various locations throughout the company offices.


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The Division on Addiction at Cambridge Health Alliance

A Harvard Medical School teaching hospital dedicated to alleviating addiction-related social, medical, and economic burdens through research, education, training, and outreach. The Division offers education and training to clinicians and practitioners who treat clients with addictive disorders and to scientists who study addiction. In addition, the Division provides relevant, up-to-date addiction-related information to public policy makers, as well as the general public. In 2015, DraftKings entered into a five-year research contract with the Division. DraftKings' support for expanding evidence-based research and education about gambling and gambling disorder is a significant part of our Responsible Gaming program.

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The American Gaming Association

The premier national trade group representing the $261 billion U.S. casino industry, which supports 1.8 million jobs nationwide. It is the mission of the AGA to achieve sound policies and regulations consistent with casino gaming’s modern appeal and vast economic contributions. Our Chief Legal Officer is a member of the AGA’s Board of Directors, and we are active participants in other AGA initiatives, including the Public Policy Committee, MarComms Working Group, and Responsibility Committee.

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The National Center on Problem Gambling

The national advocate for the problem gambling field, advocating for programs and services to assist problem gamblers and their families. They have focused efforts to educate Congress and the Federal health agencies that focus on prevention, education, treatment, enforcement, and research on gambling and problem gambling. We are active members of the NCPG and provide direct links to their tremendous resources on our Responsible Gaming pages.

Problem gambling / Safer Play Resources

  • Problem Gambling FAQ’s
  • Screenings Tools
  • Self-Help Toolkits: Created by the Cambridge Health Alliance, Division on Addiction
  • Your First Step to Change is a collection of self-change toolkits available to the public, free of charge. Many people change their excessive behavior patterns without entering treatment. These toolkits are for individuals who would like help making a change or want information about their own risky behavior. The toolkits help people:
    • Gain information about addiction-related problems.
    • Help people evaluate their own addiction-related behavior.
    • Help to develop change strategies, should they decide that change is the best course.
  • The BASIS mission is to minimize the addiction’s harmful effects by providing the general public, treatment providers, policy makers and others with access to addiction research. This is a resource provided by the Cambridge Health Alliance, Division on Addiction.
  • Help by State
  • Gamblers Anonymous