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DraftKings - XFL

The Official Daily Fantasy Sports Partner of the XFL, DraftKings is the place to be for all your spring football action.

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Earn your crown with XFL fantasy football.

Watching a new league but don’t know who to root for? How about your wallet. The bigger-er and better-er XFL is best enjoyed on an American made app packed with the best tech and innovation in the U.S. of A. When you play on DraftKings, get skin in every game and put some presidents in your pocket while you’re at it. If you want to be XFL fantasy football royalty, it’s time to sweat for it.

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Create an account online or download the DraftKings app.


Choose one of our XFL contests and draft a lineup of players you think will strike American gold.


Sit back and enjoy the game as your lineup brings home the cash prizes.

What’s the difference?

XFL fantasy football is scored the same way as pro football, but the on-the-field rules are different. The XFL is all about games being faster so viewers can get more of the finger-watering, mouth-tingling action we all love about football.


Three PAT options.

Touchback punts placed at the 35.
No fair catch.

25-second play clock.

One foot in-bounds is a catch.

Running clock before 2 minutes.


Extra point kick at the 15 or 2 point try.

Ball placed at the 25.

40-second play clock.

Two feet in-bounds is a catch.

Multiple clock-stops.

DraftKings is the best place to play XFL fantasy football.


AN INDUSTRY LEADERDraftKings is a leading provider of fantasy sports action.


NO COMMITMENTYou’re never locked in, so forget about the injury bug and draft day busts.


SOMETHING FOR EVERYONEChoose from free or paid contests and win cash prizes.


PLAY ON ANY DEVICEAvailable on desktop, tablet & mobile with apps for Android & iOS.


NON-STOP EXCITEMENTFrom drafting to the last second, DraftKings keeps you sweating.


MORE WINNINGSDraftKings had paid out over $5 billion in winnings.

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