How to Vote Yes on 27


Register to vote! You must be registered to vote in California. If you’re already registered, check your status and make sure your address is up to date.


Vote by mail! Every registered voter will receive a ballot by mail. Check your mailbox around Oct. 10 and be sure to mail it back right away! Track your ballot at Where’s My Ballot.


Vote early! You don’t have to wait until Election Day to vote in-person. Early voting begins Oct. 10. Find an early voting site.


Vote on Election Day, Nov. 8. Be sure to check your polling location and have a plan to vote before polls close at 8:00 PM.


Why Vote for Prop 27?

Get access to online sports betting and DraftKings Sportsbook in California.

Generate hundreds of millions of dollars every year to help solve California’s homelessness crisis and fund mental health and addiction services.

Keep you and your money safe. Replace the illegal, unregulated sports betting currently happening with a secure, regulated, and legal online option.

Ensure that every gaming entity participating in the California market must be partnered with a CA tribe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I bet on sports in California?

Sports betting is currently not authorized in the state of California. If you want access to the same type of online sports betting that is available in states across the country, you must vote Yes on 27. Prop 27 is the only ballot question that would allow you to bet from your phone in California. A massive illegal, illicit online sports betting market is currently flourishing in California, with unscrupulous offshore betting websites providing the only avenue for Californians to place bets online and providing no revenue to the state. Prop 27 replaces those unregulated and untaxed illegal offshore sportsbooks with a safe, legal online sports betting market.

How will sports betting in California be offered safely?

Prop 27 strictly limits online betting to individuals 21 years of age or older by requiring use of the most modern and proven know-your-customer technology, akin to the advanced systems utilized by global financial institutions, to enforce restrictions. Extra funding is provided to the state’s problem gaming treatment program, and the Act requires that online operators follow the same rules as in-person casinos to exclude those experiencing problem gaming.

How can we be sure that the money actually goes to fund solutions to homelessness and mental health and addiction services?

Eighty-five percent (85%) of all revenues raised will be placed in a trust account to fund homelessness solutions and mental health priorities – such as housing and substance abuse treatment – across California. This funding can only legally be spent on these priorities. The initiative requires the California State Auditor to conduct regular audits of all programs receiving funding to ensure every dollar is accounted for. Any state or local agency that misuses the funds can be compelled to return the misappropriated revenue. Fifteen percent (15%) of all revenue raised will be set aside to support Tribal communities.

Will California’s Tribes benefit from Prop 27?

Yes! Prop 27 recognizes the important role of California Tribal nations in gaming. Any online sports betting operator seeking to participate in the California marketplace must do so by partnering with a California Tribe. Gaming Tribes may also launch their own independent online sports betting platforms. Even Tribes who don’t participate in the online sports betting will benefit. Under the initiative, 15% of the measure’s tax revenue will be allocated to California Tribes who don’t participate in the online marketplace.

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