Draftkings PLayer First Initiative

As the leader in daily fantasy sports, we place an importance on listening to our valued players. We are proud
to announce our newest product features, applicable across all sports, that improve the DraftKings experience.

New Updates

Enhanced Contest Eligibility

All low entry fee contests are available to everyone except the highest-volume DraftKings players.
The highest-volume players are ineligible to enter contests if the entry fee is less than $3.
They are also ineligible to enter contests when the entry fee is less than $5 if the prize pool
is less than $25,000 guaranteed.

Multi-Entry Limit

Most contests with an entry fee less than $5 are 20 entries max.

Based on feedback from the player community, we also offer "mini-MAX" contests at
low entry fees. These will allow players to experience the excitement of entering
up to 150 lineups in a single contest.

Previous Updates

beginner contests

New players can hone their skills in Beginner Contests, which are available to
all players until they enter more than 50 contests.

experience badges

Experience Badges are available to help all players easily identify veteran
opponents. Players with any Experience Badges are ineligible to play in
Beginner Contests. Learn more about Experience Badges here.

head-to-head player blocking

Players have the ability to block up to ten DraftKings opponents from
head-to-head challenges.