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Best Ball gives DraftKings players a taste of season-long fantasy football.

Best Ball is a new game style that launched on DraftKings for the 2020 NFL season. Unlike typical daily fantasy sports contests on DraftKings, Best Ball contests span the season. Teams are drafted in a Snake Draft, and that roster is used for the entire duration of the contest. There is no crossover between teams like you commonly find in DFS contests, and there is no roster management to worry about. Prizes are paid out at the end of the contest.

Two ways to play: Sit & Go’s and Tournaments
Sit & Go’s are Best Ball contests that are played for the entire season or for just a specified number of weeks. They can range from three teams to 12 teams. You’ll pick your squad in a Snake Draft and you’ll use it for the entire contest. Scoring is the same as DraftKings Classic fantasy football contests. The team with the highest cumulative points after all weeks is the winner.

Best Ball Tournaments play out over four rounds. You’ll hop in a 12-team Snake Draft and use that team for the entire tournament. After each round, the highest-scoring team will advance to the next round, where they’ll be randomly placed in a new 12-team group. Tournament Rounds structure looks like this:
• Round 1 – NFL Weeks 1 – 13
• Round 2 – NFL Week 14
• Round 3 – NFL Week 15
• Round 4 – NFL Week 16

The highest-scoring team of Round 4 will be the tournament winner. Scoring is the same as DraftKings Classic fantasy football contests. Best Ball Tournaments typically have higher prize payouts than Sit & Go contests.

The ins and outs of Snake Drafts
In a Snake Draft, teams take turns drafting players. The pick order reverses each round. There are two types of Snake Drafts you can enter. Fast Snake Drafts give you 30 seconds per pick to keep things moving, whereas Slow Snake Drafts allow up to 8 hours per pick. Drafts start as soon as all seat are filled. Turn on your notifications on in your phone’s settings to get an alert when the draft is getting ready to start and when you’re on the clock.

Coast through the season
There’s no roster management to worry about in Best Ball contests. Your only time commitment is the draft. No adds, drops, trades, or waiver claims. You don’t even have to set your lineup! Your highest-scoring players each week automatically slide into your starting positions.

Play Best Ball this football season
Think you’re ready to tackle a Best Ball contest? Hop in a Snake Draft 24/7 in the DraftKings lobby.