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Moves Fight Conclusion Bonuses
Significant Strikes* +0.5 1st Round Win +90
Advance** +3 2nd Round Win +70
Takedown +5 3rd Round Win +45
Reversal/Sweep +5 4th Round Win +40
Knockdown +10 5th Round Win +40
    Decision Win +30

*Significant Strikes are any Distance, Clinch, or Ground Strikes considered “Power Strikes” by official scorers

** Advances include Half Guard, Side Control, Mount, and Back Control

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SS Significant Strike 1rW+ 1st Round Win
ADVC Advance 2rW+ 2nd Round Win
TD Takedown 3rW+ 3rd Round Win
REV Reversal Sweep 4rW+ 4th Round Win
KD Knockdown 5rW+ 5th Round Win
WBD+ Decision Win


In each contest, participants are assigned a fixed salary cap of $50,000 to draft a 6-fighter lineup.

The player pool consists of all fighters expected to participate in the upcoming event.


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