Draft while watching a live game.

Get more shots to win by playing fantasy football for just one quarter or half.

Arriving mid-nfl season

Flash Draft is a mobile-only game. Download the DraftKings app to play:

WHAT’S SO COOL ABOUT flash draft?

All drafting happens
once the game is live —
not before.

Use your football smarts
to react to what’s
happening on the field.

Makes the game — even
the time between quarters
— more exciting.

How to Play

  • There are Flash Draft contests for Quarters 2, 3, and 4 and the second half of live NFL games.
  • Drafts consists of five rounds. Each round, you’ll have 15 seconds to pick from three given options — with no salaries — who you think will score the most fantasy points in the next quarter or half.
  • Drafts start 30 seconds after the previous quarter ends, and everyone drafts at the same time.
  • Score big points in the quarter or half to make your way up the leaderboard.
  • Each Flash Draft contest has a guaranteed prize amount and a bonus amount. The more people that play the contest, the higher the bonus will be.