Draft while watching a live game.

Get more shots to win by playing fantasy football for just one quarter or half.

Currently in Testing. Features Subject to Change.

Look for Flash Draft in the NFL Lobby.

Flash Draft is a mobile-only game. Download the DraftKings app to play:

WHAT’S SO COOL ABOUT flash draft?

All drafting happens
once the game is live —
not before.

Use your football smarts
to react to what’s
happening on the field.

Makes the game — even
the time between quarters
— more exciting.

How to Play

  • There are Flash Draft contests for Quarters 2 and 4 and the second half of live NFL games.
  • Drafts consists of five rounds. Each round, you’ll have 12 seconds to pick from three given options — with no salaries — who you think will score the most fantasy points in the next quarter or half.
  • Flash Draft contests start throughout the game. Check the lobby for exact start times.
  • Score big points in the quarter or half to make your way up the leaderboard.
  • Each Flash Draft contest has a guaranteed prize amount and a bonus amount. The more people that play the contest, the higher the bonus will be.


What is Flash Draft?

Flash Draft is new game style from DraftKings in which players draft for a single quarter or half of an NFL game.

In Flash Draft contests, participants will create a lineup by making one selection at a time as they are presented on the screen. Participants will have a set amount of time to make their selection from the list of options. After each selection, participants will see the ownership percentage of each option from that Round for 3 seconds. All players draft at the same time between quarters. Each of the five round consists of three options. DraftKings Classic NFL scoring will be used.

The options within each Round may consist of individual players, a combination of two players (the total fantasy points for that option is the sum of the two individual players), or a single player with an added multiplier. The possible multipliers at launch are:

  • 1.5x Total Fantasy Points
  • 2x Total Fantasy Points
  • 3x Total Fantasy Points
  • Additional/higher multipliers may be added

When does the draft start?

Flash Drafts start constantly throughout the game. View the Flash Draft lobby to see when the next one starts. There are also Featured Flash Drafts that you have a longer period of time to reserve a seat into that will run with higher prize pools.

Why are there multipliers or combinations of players?

Flash Draft has these scoring variants to increase the size of the player pool. This makes sure each Flash Draft is slightly different and that each choice you must make is compelling. A single athlete will never show up as a solo pick more than once. A single athlete may appear in up to two picks, but one of those will always be in a combination of athletes or with a multiplier.

How are the combinations of options chosen for each Flash Draft?

Before each Flash Draft, an algorithm projects how many points each of the possible options will score in the next quarter or half, then groups them into five sets of three based on those projections. A random component is added to make sure each game feels slightly different.

Can I play multiple Flash Drafts?

Yes, you can play multiple Flash Drafts. You can enter as many price points as you want for a single draft – each price point is an individual contest, and the one lineup you make will be entered into each one. If you reserve a seat into multiple flash drafts, make sure you have time to come back and enter each one.

What if I miss a pick? What if I lose internet while I am playing?

Before you enter a contest, make sure you have a strong and stable internet connection. If you miss the draft, your entry fee will be refunded automatically. Contact support@draftkings.com if you continually run into issues.

Is Flash Draft only for NFL?

Right now, NFL is the only sport for which Flash Draft is offered.

Can I play Flash Draft on my computer?

No, Flash Draft is only available on DraftKings’ iOS and Android apps. You can download them here: draftkings.com/mobileapps

Do NFL Flash Draft contests count towards my NFL Playoff Achievements progress?

No, NFL Flash Draft contests played and statistics accrued in those contests will not count towards your NFL Playoff Achievements progress.

How does the payout work?

The payout for Flash Draft consists of two components. There is a guaranteed amount that functions just like all of DraftKings’ other contests. The guaranteed amount is paid out via a fixed payout curve. You can see this curve in the contest details. Additionally, each contest may have a bonus prize pool that increases as more players enter. This prize amount is distributed among approximately the top 25% of players via another payout curve. This percentage is subject to change.

When do payouts happen?

Payouts are distributed after a Flash Draft contest is over and the DraftKings’ team has QA’d the statistics. Just like all other DraftKings contests, payouts will be distributed as soon as possible.