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  • How does Simulated Football work?

    DraftKings is running Simulated Football, CPU vs CPU, games using Madden 20. Prior to each game, DraftKings players can draft free DFS Showdown lineups for the upcoming simulated game. Lineups will receive fantasy points for players’ performances within the Simulated Madden game.

  • How does Simulated Football scoring work?

    All lineups will receive points for the performance of their players within our simulated football games. Players will receive points in accordance with our single-game NFL Showdown Captain Mode rules and scoring. DFS points will be updated at the end of each quarter.

  • Can I follow along with each game?

    DraftKings will provide a streaming link for each Simulated Football game where players can watch each game live. These games can also be watched within the Contest Gamecenter.

  • What do I get if I win?

    Every free contest will award DK Dollars that can be used to enter DFS contests.

  • What are DK Dollars?

    DK Dollars act just like cash and can be used to enter any daily fantasy contest on DraftKings. DK Dollars cannot be withdrawn from your balance.

  • Is there more information on the video game simulation?

    Yes, see more details on our video game simulation here.