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Week one is in the books and I ended up cashing in several daily league tournaments. I went away from my original plan of playing less guaranteed prize pools. As I stated in my first article, that’s not the way to go if you’re trying to build a bankroll and grind it out in daily’s. However, I did learn something. In order to put yourself in a better position to make it through these huge fields some of the tips below can be helpful. You’ll notice that the approaches below differ from what you would do when setting your lineup for a yearly.

First, stack quarterbacks with a receiver or receivers. For example, Peyton Manning with Demaryius Thomas and/or Julius Thomas. There are other combos you can create, but I just used my stack this weekend as an example. This strategy was suggested to me by a good friend during a long talk this weekend while setting up our lineups. I gave it a shot, and come Sunday night at halftime, I’m 94 points away from first place in the 500k guaranteed. I had Peyton Manning, Demaryius Thomas, Julius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, Victor Cruz, Joique Bell, and Ladarius Green still in play. I thought to myself, “I actually have a shot at 100k.” That thought quickly went down the drain when the Broncos offense fell completely flat in the second half. However, I did notice that the strategy was effective as some of the top teams took the stacking approach. Just look for good offenses that have good matchups and roll the dice.

Second, it helps to get that low priced guy who performs above expectations. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack sometimes, but they are out there. This weekend, Allen Hurns blew up and some people asked me, who would start that guy? I thought the same thing, but the more I thought about it, the more it kind of made sense. He was a low salary player, who was getting to start for an injured receiver and whose team was expected to be trailing the entire time. As they say hindsight is 20/20. With that said, looking for these types of players can be the difference between a big score and maybe no score at all. It’s almost impossible to predict such players, but if you do research and think outside the box, you can find some productive players.

Lastly, don’t be a follower, be a leader. If you’re expecting everyone to start player X, don’t start player X. Find another player with a similar ceiling and floor for that particular week and go with him. See, if you’re trying to compete with someone you want an edge, and if your opponent has the same players as you, then you don’t have that edge. Now don’t misinterpret this and stay away from clear cut starters because the consensus is heading in that direction. What I’m saying is to use common sense and find the player who is intriguing, but likely not started by many. Week 1, I rolled the dice with Jake Locker in one of my daily’s and he scored 20.04. He was one of the cheapest starters with a good matchup and was not started by many other fantasy owners. These are the edges you want to look for in big tournaments.

If you notice, the above strategies are not ideal for yearly leagues. Drafting to many players from the same team in a yearly league can be dangerous. Between bye-weeks, bad weeks, and injuries; this can be a bad strategy. Finding that needle in the haystack is similar to the sleepers you select in the late rounds of yearly leagues, but it’s unlikely you’d plug them into your lineups early in the season. You don’t have a salary cap, so you’d stick to your guns.

While my first week of the season was not as great as I had hoped, I did learn some things. I will continue to share my experiences on Draft Kings and what I have learned each week so that you don’t make the same mistakes. I’m looking forward to week two. I’ll be joining more head-to-head and 50/50 tournaments this week and fire a couple of bullets into the guaranteed prize pools, but not as many as week one. Good luck to all, until next week!