This is an 8 part series detailing the draft selections of each NFL team, division by division.   Offensive players and their potential impact on the upcoming NFL season on DraftKings will be scrutinized! 

Oakland Raiders

Amari Cooper WR (1st round)—AlabamaUSATSI_8556329_168381090_lowres
Why Amari Cooper, why did you have to go to the Raiders? There’s zero doubt that Cooper is the most complete WR prospect in this draft.  From top to bottom there are essentially zero flaws in Cooper from a metrics standpoint and even less from a performance standpoint.  Cooper dominated both weak and tough competition in college and I expect him to do the same in the NFL… except he might not.  You see he got drafted by the Oakland Raiders.  I am not a big Derek Carr fan and I am an even lessor fan of Oakland’s O-line.  If Cooper had been drafted by say, Green Bay I’d be telling you to just reserve a spot for Cooper in your DFS lineups each week, but on Oakland his output is likely going to be a little spotty.  I think Cooper will have some Odell Beckham-like games next year, but I also think he and Oakland’s entire offense will have some games where they are essentially shut down.  That’s just the life of a WR with a bad QB in a bad offense.

Clive Walford TE (3rd round)—Miami
Walford is a decent TE prospect in a very weak TE prospect pool.  Walford was an important part of the Hurricanes passing offense and ranked second on the team in TD’s for the year.  He’s a good pass catcher with size and skill levels very similar to the first TE taken, Maxx Williams.  This is a decent value pick by Oakland, but don’t forget that the underrated Mychal Rivera is still in Oakland and caught 58 passes last year. I don’t see Walford as having a meaningful part in this offense unless Rivera goes down.

DraftKing: Daily Fantasy Impact
There’s zero doubt Cooper is going to make a fantasy impact next year.  The question is how big will it be?  Will he be more Sammy Watkins—a big game here and there but overall hard to predict—or more Odell Beckham—impossible to shut down?  Unfortunately, Cooper’s QB is more EJ Manual/Kyle Orton then Eli Manning and the Raiders are still the Raiders.  Cooper will have some big games but may be hard to rely on as an every week option.  I won’t be afraid to use him in gpps, especially if he’s coming off a bad game, but am definitely recommending a measured approach to start the season.


San Diego Chargers

Melvin Gordon  RB (1st round)—(Wisconsin)USATSI_8306206_168381090_lowres
The Chargers only made one real offensive addition in the draft but it was a significant one.  Gordon is going to replace Ryan Mathews in the San Diego offense and immediately get a lot of 1st and 2nd down work.  While I don’t think Gordon is a star I do think he is a solid RB who makes for a really nice fit in this offense.  He definitely had some big games against weaker opponents in college and could easily find that same type of success in the NFL.  He’s not blazingly fast but he is built fairly solidly for how quick he is.  Wisconsin is the same place that produced Monte Ball, who himself is a solid but not star worthy NFL RB, and I see Gordon as perhaps having the same or perhaps slightly higher ceiling.  In a pretty decent offense I could see Gordon eating up a lot of carries next year and really being effective against weaker run defenses.

DraftKing: Daily Fantasy Impact
It’s going to be interesting to see how the Chargers use Gordon.  If they start getting him involved in the pass game, look out because those extra PPR points may push him to elite status on DraftKings.  However if they keep rotating in Branden Oliver and Danny Woodhead he may be more of a situational play for daily fantasy and someone to target only against the bottom tier run defenses.  The amount of carries and pass targets Gordon receives will ultimately determine just how much upside he has for daily fantasy next year.


Kansas City Chiefs

Chris Conley WR (3rd round)–Georgia USATSI_8206905_168381090_lowres
Ok time to pay attention.  Chris Conley flat out smoked the combine this year, mainly by putting up a 45’’ vertical (that is really high) and running a low 4.3 forty time (that is really fast).  He essentially came out of nowhere because truthfully, his college numbers sucked.  However, when you consider that the team he played for (Georgia) was essentially a run first squad who rarely threw the ball further than ten yards you can start to see why.  Conley will now get to work alongside Jeremy Maclin in KC and could possibly emerge as the number 2 or 3 option in a suddenly interesting KC offense.  I know Alex Smith doesn’t like to throw downfield but still, I would recommend keeping an eye on Conley.  If he gets on the field with some regularity start thinking about him for your DraftKings rosters.

DraftKing: Daily Fantasy Impact
Conley was pretty much the be-all-end-all of the KC draft for me.  While I wish he would have been paired with a better offensive NFL quarterback for fantasy purposes, I still think he might have some potential working with Alex Smith.  He’s a potential red zone monster and also the type of player who could take a screen pass 80 yards at any moment.  Someone I’ll have my eye on for sure.


Denver Broncos

Jeff Heuerman TE (3rd round)—Ohio State
Heuerman is a big TE whose potential is a little bit unknown due to a foot injury he suffered in college and a torn ACL he suffered right after the draft.  As of today he won’t be playing this season but I thought I’d mention him as someone to keep an eye in 2016.


Cody Latimer WR (2nd round 2014)—Indiana USATSI_8052813_168381090_lowres
The real winner for the Bronco’s in this year’s draft is last year’s second round draft pick Cody Latimer.  The Bronco’s lost Julius Thomas and also failed to pick any other pass catchers in this draft leaving the door open for the ultra-talented Latimer to finally make his impression.  Latimer is a bigger WR who put up some extremely nice metrics last year at his pro-day and combine while still rehabbing from an injury.  Latimer looked really nice in pre-season and then was promptly benched by the Bronco’s coaching staff for no reason.  He’s got great speed and size to become a legitimate redzone and deep target.

DraftKing: Daily Fantasy Impact
For some god-awful reason John Fox and the Broncos thought it would be a good idea to essentially sit their newly drafted offensive weapon for an entire year.  I see Cody Latimer as a potentially big fantasy play in the Bronco’s still high powered offense.  He’s got a good chance to see a chunk of the passes Julius Thomas caught last season and will benefit from the extra-attention Demaryius Thomas will get from opposing DB’s.  Wait to see what the word is on his official usage, but if he’s seeing the field in even half of the Bronco’s offensive snaps then I like him a lot as a potential sleeper next year on DraftKings.