The NBA Game Breakdown takes an in-depth look at all of the games on the schedule each day in terms of expected pace of play, Vegas lines, and defense vs. position matchups.
Grizzlies @ Pacers
Pacers are ravaged by injuries as they are missing the starting PG, SF, and PF currently from last year and the two guard Lance Stephenson has since moved on. Roy Hibbert the one healthy remaining starter and newcomer Rodney Stuckey were the guys who led the charge in the opener and the Pacers were heavily used that night. Guys like Scola, Miles, and Sloan were cheap replacements and heavily owned, but this game is a whole different animal. The opener was against the Sixers who we all remember last year as the team to stack against. They play with such a furious pace and lack of defense that every Sixers opponent was a place to look for fantasy goodness. The opposite end of that spectrum was the Memphis Grizzlies. Guys like Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph are not exactly up and down kind of players, so Memphis takes their time and plays much slower. Do not fall into the trap of expecting the same kind of game from a Sloan or a Scola as this one sets up much differently. Memphis had the third lowest scoring defense last season in the NBA and with Gasol and Z BO down under, the rebounds will be few and far between for Indy. Hibbert is a solid defender, but the size and strength of Gasol and Randolph should own the paint and own this game. I would not expect the 58 DK points Gasol put up the other night, but both guys, as well as PG Mike Conley and SG Courtney Lee could be in play tonight.