Tuesday is here and it brings is a two-slate day which is kind of shocking given that its just December 29th and during the work week.  The early slate brings us a nice 7 game set to work with while the evening slate gives us a big 12 game slate to research.  The evening slate has the games with the most projected points while the early slate has some of the better players in it.  I am going to break the article down half and half and try to give you the same amount of plays for each slate.  As always please hit me up on Twitter (@Razzle11Grinds) should you have any questions!



Dedric Lawson ($9,100) EARLY – Lawson is coming off of a rough offensive game but managed to put up over 30 fantasy points after he had put up 55 fantasy points against Ole Miss the game before.   Lawson is an extremely impressive freshman and Memphis is expected to be one of the higher scoring teams of the early slate.

Kevin Punter ($8,700) EARLY – Punter has really stepped up in the assist and rebound categories recently and that is a positive thing to see as he was always viewed as just a scorer.  He has gone for 31+ fantasy points in 9 straight games while offering us nearly 50 fantasy point upside.  The price is a little higher than I’d like, however you can’t deny what he is able to do especially when his three point shot is on.

Anthony Barber ($8,700) LATE – There is a good chance Barber plays all 40 minutes in this game while taking 20+ shots with 5+ of those coming from three point land.  He has had a hot hand recently and he offers us upside in the assist, rebound and steal categories.  This game is expected to be very close and that could work to our advantage with Barber being on the court the whole game.

Quincy Ford ($7,800) LATE – Opposite of Barber and NC State is Ford and Northeastern and as I mentioned this game is expected to be close.  Ford is coming off of a 49.5 fantasy point performance after going for 50 fantasy points just three games ago.  Ford also has a 56.75 fantasy point performance earlier in the season.  Ford has tremendous upside for just $7.8K.

Other Options – Demetrius Jackson ($8,000) – Early, Quenton DeCosey ($7,000) – Early, Daniel Hamilton ($8,800) – Late, Malik Beasley ($7,300) – Late, A.J. Davis ($6,900) – Late


Ty Charles ($5,000) EARLY – Charles got a lot of pub early on as somebody that could make an excellent 1-2 punch with Walkup for SFA, however he has been extremely inconsistent which is what we want to find for our GPP lineups as Charles has shown 40+ point upside, which is very tough to find at just $5K.

Dirk Williams ($3,900) EARLY – Williams puts up a ton of shots in 19-22 minutes of action and at just $3.9K we can’t ask for much more.  He has gone for 22.75+ fantasy points in 4 of his last 6 games with a high of 32.5 coming just 3 games ago.  UAB is expected to put up a few points in this with the game being somewhat close so there is always the chance that it makes it to OT.

Anthony Collins ($4,600) LATE – Collins is coming off of a 26.25 fantasy point performance and managed to do that with scoring just 8 game points.  Collins is a transfer who is getting himself integrated more into the game flow with A&M at this point.  He is capable of getting us 30+, but at this point he is also capable of getting us single digits.  A&M is expected to put up over 80 in this one so I like Collins quite a bit as a sneaky cheap option.

Eric James ($3,700) LATE – James is coming off of a 32 fantasy point performance after scoring just 25 points over the three games prior to that.  He has gone for nearly 40 fantasy points at one point this season and the upside is there for him to be in your GPP lineups.  Duquesne is expected to put up a total in the mid 70’s in this game so James should certainly see some minutes.

Other Options – Jacob Evans III ($4,700) – Early, Darreon Reddick ($3,700) – Early, Denzell Watts ($3,200) – Early, Demetrious Floyd ($3,000) – Early, Amir Bell ($4,700) – Late, KeVaughn Allen ($4,200) – Late, Devin Cannady ($4,100) – Late, Alvin Ellis III ($3,600) – Late, Omar Calhoun ($3,200) – Late, Matt Williams ($3,000) – Late



Zach Auguste ($8,400) EARLY – Auguste is a beast and should dominate the interior in this game rather easily.  The only scary thing to me is the fact that Auguste may only see 25 minutes or so of action as ND is expected to win this one by 20+ while scoring 80+ themselves.

Taurean Prince ($8,100) EARLY – Prince really exploded in his last game and I look for that to carry over to this one today as Baylor is expected to put up 80+ points en route to a 15+ point victory.  Could easily suggest Gathers here, however I think Prince has the higher upside any given game.

Jordan Tolbert ($7,500) EARLY – Tolbert has been a beast for SMU recently and his minutes stayed consistent with the return of Kennedy which makes me feel very comfortable in riding him again today. This game is expected to be extremely close and Tulsa just does not have the guys down low to hang with the likes of Tolbert, Moore and Kennedy.

Ben Simmons ($11,000) LATE – Ben Simmons is very good at the basketball, need I say anything else at this point?  His price is through the roof and I can certainly see playing the fade in your GPPs as you are going to have to nail a few cheap plays in order to have your lineups work out the way you’d like, but if there was ever a CBB player that could go for 90+ it probably is Simmons!

A.J. Hammons ($7,900) LATE – As a Wisconsin fan I am worried about this game as Purdue has the size that can destroy the Badgers and the main concern in my eyes is Hammons.  He should have his way in the paint and dominate the glass as Happ will not be able to do much against him.  Hammons could be looking at a monster double-double in this game.

Other Options – Gary Clark ($7,000) – Early, Bonzie Colson ($6,200) – Early, William Lee ($6,100) – Early, Terry Allen ($9,600) – Late, Jarrod Uthoff ($8,400) – Late, Nigel Hayes ($8,200) – Late, Kevin Larsen ($7,100) – Late, Mamadou Ndiaye ($6,800) – Late


Rashad Smith ($4,600) EARLY – Smith has put up 93.5 fantasy points over his last 3 games and each game has gotten progressively better.  He is never going to be a top option for Tulsa as long as the team has Harrison and Woodard, however I expect him to see around 25 minutes of action against the bigs of SMU today.

Tosin Mehinti  ($3,900) EARLY – I am really surprised at how up and down Mehinti has been as I remember riding him during the NCAA tournament last year as he continued to out-perform his price. He comes in at just $3.9K for today’s games and is coming off of a 27 fantasy point performance and went for 36.5 just three games ago.

Beejay Anya ($5,000) LATE – Anya should control the paint in this one as Northeastern just doesn’t have the interior to keep up with NC State.  Anya has basically scored 25+ fantasy points in three of his last four games, which is 5x his current price and that is all we need for him to to hit his value.  His high over that span is 38.25, so he does offer us very nice upside at this price point.

Tysean Powell ($4,700) LATE – Powell is a little less safe than Anya is, however he is playing his best basketball of the season and Duquesne is going to need him to battle with Mitchell and GT.  He has scored 74.75 fantasy points over his last three while grabbing 25 rebounds while playing about 22 minutes a game.

Kentan Facey ($4,600) LATE – Facey stepped up with the loss of Brimah and went for 29.5 fantasy points the last time out for UCONN.  He managed to put up a 10 and 12 double-double while playing 21 minutes.  I would expect him to see around 25 minutes of action in this one and while he does not offer the block upside of Brimah, I think he can get us another double-double tonight.

Other Options – Demontez Loman ($3,600) – Early, Lewis Sullivan ($3,000) – Early, Pete Miller ($4,900) – Late, Shaheed Davis ($4,900) – Late, Luke Meikle ($4,600) – Late, Dom Uhl ($4,300) – Late, Nicholas Baer ($4,200) – Late, Craig Victor II ($3,000) – Late, Anthony Lawrence Jr. ($3,000) – Late