Whether you’re playing in a season-long league or a daily league like DraftKings, building your winning fantasy hockey lineup requires knowledge and research. Knowing where to get started can make the process quick and easy.

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1) Start by choosing your goalie wisely.
Make sure your goalie is in the starting lineup. Alternatively, a backup goalie who is starting can be a great way to find value at a discounted price. You also want to look for a a goalie who will get a win, so look at how the two teams involved as a whole match up together.

2) If you need to save salary cap space, do it with your defensemen.
Your average defensemen doesn’t score as much as forwards and and centers, so their upside isn’t as high on a night-to-night basis. Look for a defenseman who will get decent ice time and/or minutes on the 1st or 2nd power play line. You earn points for blocked shots and that can be an easy way to earn a few.

3) It’s all about matchups
When choosing your offensive players especially, look at their opponents closely. Look for poor matchups against poor defensive teams and goalies to see who will give you the best opportunities for goals, assists, and shots on goal.

4) If you pick players on the same team, try to pick players on the same line.
If your goal is to win a large-field tournament, a good strategy is to target a few players who can benefit from each other’s play. For example, if you choose two players on the same line, you give yourself the opportunity to get both a goal and assist on a scoring play. You are increasing the variance of your team, giving a better shot at a very high score (or a very low one if your line does not perform).


Daily Fantasy Hockey is a great way to add to the excitement of watching hockey. On DraftKings, you can play in free leagues and win huge prizes every night. To get started and apply these tips, follow these steps:

1) Sign up for free on DraftKings
2) Build your lineup of 9 NHL players while staying under the $50,000 salary cap
3) Receive your winnings in your account at the end of the night