It’s been a long week and a half since the last time DFS Soccer was on anybody’s minds. This time last week everybody in Soccer world was prepping to follow all the international play of their favorite player or home nation and everybody else in the world was prepping for a monster DraftKing tournament with $1 Million to first place! The Millionaire Maker was so popular that DK is going on three weeks with it now and wow! Is it exciting to play a huge tournament with that much upside and potential. But enough of that, you clicked into here to read about Soccer and I would hate to disappoint you.

The International break came at a time when most teams needed to evaluate where they stand after the first few matchdays in the BPL. For us fantasy players, the break comes at a time that allows us the opportunity to look into the way we build our teams and hone in our general strategies going into next week’s bigger GPPs on DraftKings. Given that there are no UEFA Champions League games this week, I’ll use this weeks article to discuss some of the strategies that the winners of the recent soccer GPPs have employed.

The last time out in the soccer equalizer we had DraftKings user MoneyMachine dominate the field by having three of the top ten teams, and 10 of the top 100 teams overall. What I’ll do today is try to analyze what he did in his first place winning team.


Moneymachine built his lineup around three different stacks. The first was the goalkeeper and one of his defenders (In this case it was Vito Mannone and his LB Patrick Van Aanholt) they combined for the Win and the one goal allowed bonus. Mannone was a low owned goalkeeper option that performed very well with 13 fantasy points. The stack of the singled defender allowed him to take a different defender in the other spot. This is an interesting strategy as other players have been stacking two defenders with a goalkeeper, however, that strategy might be too risky as if a goal or two are conceded then these defenders don’t provide the Clean Sheet upside anymore.

The second stack that Moneymachine used was the Manchester United duo up front, Angel Di Maria and Radamel Falcao. Both are highly owned options on this day and with good reason. They combined for 2 goals, 1 assist, 12 shots, 4 shots on goal, 10 crosses and 1 foul drawn. These are elite numbers that helped cement his goalkeeper and defender selection. Moreover, most of the crosses that Di Maria supplied went to Falcao and translated to shots on target (with one of them doubling as an assist and a goal.) By stacking a midfielder and a forward this lineup was in line for quick rises in points with the single event that was a goal scored by one of these two players. With Di Maria the most likely cross supplier for the ManUnited attack it made sense to stack here.

That wasn’t the only M-F stack that he used, he also used the Swansea duo of Gylfi Sigurdsson and Wilfried Bony (both also highly owned but also highly effective players). Gylfi was the main cross supplier for Swansea and Bony managed to convert one of his five shots in that game making their combined total of 40.75 points enough to vault him to first place.

What really set his lineup apart from almost everybody in the tournament tho was his selection of Connon Wickham. The 21 year old forward for Sunderland was able to score his first goal of the season as well as assist on his first one with a late fast break against a Stoke City team that dominated possession but was unable to win the match. Wickham was owned by a mere 6 or 7 teams in the whole tournament and with a production of 19 fantasy points vaulted Moneymachine up to first place with a total score of 147.75 and that was enough to pocket a big GPP win.

Important note to remember for DFS soccer is that unlike football, you don’t need to roster guys who are all low percentage owned. you just need to roster the guys who score goals. Don’t avoid the guys like Di Maria and Fabregas as they will come with the high price, but also high potential to give you a very good day.


Good luck with this week’s games!