Fresh off a 4-0 destruction of La Liga rival Real Madrid in their most recent segment of ‘El Clasico’ over the weekend, Barce continued along its war path of doom by putting an absolute whoopin’ on AS Roma Tuesday afternoon at Camp Nou — defeating the Italian club by a score of 6-1 during their UEFA Champions League match up.

At this point: everyone on Earth knows Lionel Messi is a wizard … but, this 2015-2016 campaign: Barce somehow, someway … continues to amaze.

This was one of Messi’s two goals during the match, and what’s not shown in the GIF above: a dazzling TWENTY-SEVEN consecutive pass sequence by Barce before they put the ball in the net:

As for Barcelona’s “other” striker — some guy named “Luis Suarez” — yeah, he’s OK too…

Here are the must-see full highlights and all goals from the match: