You see when the mid-fielder gets the first touch of the ball on the wing, he should be looking up. The forwards should be toe to toe with the defenders. Without a word, the mid-fielder should then kick the ball a split second before the the forward sprints toward the goal. This should give the forward just enough space behind the defender to get a touch on the ball driven by the mid-fielder to then find a good angle left open by the goal-keeper in order to score a goal

Yeah, the analysts and managers would like you to believe every magnificent goal scored in the course of the beautiful game is tactically and expertly crafted. I am not saying the level of play does not require skill. I am saying that there is a lot of blind-beautiful-luck that controls the game of soccer. And I’m just fine with that.

OH BALLS!!! Soccer...for kicking.
OH MY BALLS!!! You kick them.

Messi scored a hat-trick this morning. I know because the notification chiming from my phone were a most unwelcome alarm this Sunday morning. Thank you, FotMob Soccer App. Double-snaps to you.

But I digress.

Messi scored a lot of goals (3) and one assist. In fact, he scored three goals within 12 minutes. #LikeWhoa

Barcelona 6 – Rayo Vallecano 1. Frankly, I’m surprised Rayo scored at all; maybe that had something to do with tactics and strategy. But even without watching a single minute of the match, I can tell you that not all of the goals were magical or perfect. I do know that after about two goals anything scored is not going to mechanically precise.

AND I do know that Messi is such a scrappy and talented player that when he’s scoring, you just have to get out of the way. Is he technically a great player? Sure. Can he control a soccer ball with poise and agility that is most uncommon? Yeah, I guess.

You see the excitement of the unknown is precisely the reason we watch a game. Regardless of the sport. Regardless of the matchup. I, as a fan, watch because I want to see the spectacular. If the spectacular was sourced from tactics and mechanics then robots would be more enjoyable to watch; if not mesmerizing. I watch the games because I want to see the sparks. I want to see the game develop. My cable bill is evident of this desire.

Yes, I understand the skill required. I know I couldn’t kick the ball like Messi. But, I could bite like Suarez. (I couldn’t help myself on that one.)

And that’s the grit I’m talking about. Messi has it. Suarez has it. Every player that excels at the highest level has. Grit and determination to perform at the highest level. I appreciate that. You should to. Even it is wakes you up early on a Sunday morning. You’ve got to respect the simple action of striking an inflated sphere of rubber toward an objective. It woke me up from across the globe. I respect the talent and think the tactics have a place, but sometimes it takes a back seat to pure talent.

Oh yeah, This morning Messi passed Ronaldo for number of hat-tricks scored. Nuff said.

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