The good news about anyone interested in playing Draftkings 1-Day Fantasy Soccer is that there are a myriad of different ways to throw the beat down on your mates. Focus on building your lineup and the stats that surround it and you’ll be well on the way to daily fantasy soccer glory.


For those unfamiliar with the term, stacks involve putting players together from the same team to achieve the best points return possible. For example, if you pick a midfielder and a forward that regularly team up for goals, every time the ball hits the back of the net you score far more points. Think Dusan Tadic swinging in the crosses for Graziano Pelle to see Southampton home and you get the idea.

The purpose of mini stacks is to bring together a number of different stacks in one team in order to maximise your lineup’s point production. Daily fantasy soccer lineups give you a massive 11 players to tinker with and as such stacking doesn’t even take up the whole lineup. A goalkeeper plus a defender from one team and a midfielder and forward from another should be enough for a decent score.

When choosing the right mini stacks it’s always imperative to check out the fixtures for that week and the form for the particular team. By doing this it makes doubly sure that the mini stacks will work and combine into one larger stack that scores you the most points possible.

Roster Building

Creating a winning lineup is by no means a quick fix, yet if you follow the tried and tested formula of balancing your salaries throughout the team then it can be made much easier. Forwards are always going to be the most expensive players on the market followed by attacking-minded midfielders that contribute big plays. It’s at the other end of the pitch where you can create the kind of funding for you to truly splash out on the very best attackers.

Defensive midfielders or central midfielders are often undervalued and they can still contribute a lot of points in terms of assists from set pieces and even crosses from the same positions. By picking up a deep lying midfielders for south of $5,000 you should be able to afford the most expensive forwards on the game, which can sometimes cost as much as $10,000 (one fifth of your bank balance).

Another way to create more money for the midfield and forward positions is to use one of your UTIL spots to draft in a fourth defender from a team that is likely to keep a clean sheet and thus leave more money to splash on forwards. This is a high risk strategy due to the fact that a clean sheet for four defenders and a goalkeeper is often unlikely yet the upside to this is that the scoring of your attacking players should offset any poor performance defensively.

To conclude

The key to developing the very best lineup is still to swot up on the stats before anything else and using that to complete those all important stacks. By taking players from teams that have favourable fixtures and stacking them up as one you can ensure that single digit scores never plague your lineups.