I just want  to put any suspicion to rest. I have NOT received a bribe from FIFA. I say this because right now it is easier to list the people that DIDN’T get a bribe from FIFA than it is to list the ones that DID.

And the bribery culture within FIFA and international soccer is so prevalent that they know not the wicked they do.

It was Col. Mustard in the library with the SOCCER BALL!!
Everything has a price, even the beautiful game.

So with that said, over the weekend another shoe dropped on the head of FIFA. According to the Guardian, There is an email circulating that directly connects none other than Sepp Blatter with bribes and kickback payments totaling $10 million. I believe this is the email that caused Blatter to resign his presidency so soon after his defiant election.

The payments involved the 2010 South Africa World Cup. No surprise there. In the documents referenced, the Guardian reports that Sepp Blatter personally discussed the terms of the payments and transfers and further from the Guardian’s report:

“The money, which has been described as a “bribe” to help secure the tournament, was sent from Fifa to an account controlled by its disgraced former vice-president Jack Warner following a request to the secretary general Jérôme Valcke, from the South African Football Association.”

Did you catch that? Blatter and his minions personally controlled the account through which the money was transferred! He pulled the strings and levers that controlled when and where the money went. This comes quickly on the heels of Blatter’s abrupt resignation after defying pressure and reclaiming the FIFA presidency over the past few weeks.

The most astounding thing is, we’ve all been lied to. Here we believed these guys were smarter than this. At least in the movies the mobsters and mafia don’t write this stuff down and email it back and forth. I’d like to think if these guys had any notion that any of aspect of these dealing were hinky then they would of at least, oh I don’t know…NOT WRITTEN THEM DOWN!

Speak in code! Encrypt a friggin’ email or two! At least the Mafia tried to hide their wickedness! 

This also means that there is likely further evidence that will likely come out that will place the future World Cups in Russia and Qatar in jeopardy. It is on the record per Pro Soccer Talk and the Hamburger Morgen Post that per FIFA Director of Compliance, Domenico Scala, that if hard evidence comes out about those World Cups that they may be stripped from the host countries. Side note: The Hamburger Morgen Post is quite possibly the most epic newspaper name ever beheld by these American eyes. 

This only furthers my original point that the entire structure and environment within FIFA thrives and lives off the teat of corruption.

So, in an effort to dispel any suspicion right now, dear reader, please understand; I have not received any payment from FIFA. Which also implies at this point in the scandal, does not rule out that I won’t yet be bribed by FIFA. Nor can we rule out that neither you will not be bribed by FIFA. Anyone of us could be next! As such, please take the necessary precautions! These FIFA guys like to throw bribes around like a drunken sailor on shore leave!


Till next time, I’m not a cheerleader…I’m an athletic supporter.