Gorosito plays for Lujan, a third division team in Argentina. That’s why you’ve never heard of him, why the fact the clip comes from Lujan’s 4-0 win against Argentino Merlo doesn’t matter… and why the game is taking place in what looks like a local park. However, despite the lowly level of football, Gorosito’s use of a pitchside ambulance is truly top drawer. After scoring, he runs straight for it, dives in with a few team mates and pretends that he’s going to drive it away.

It’s gloriously silly. Sadly, the ref didn’t see it that way – and booked Gorosito.

Er… for what, exactly? BEING AWESOME?”


That description summed it up better than I ever could. Sure it’s only D3 futbol in Argentina, sure the goal was SUPER easy, sure it looks like they’re playing in an American Legion park… BUT THIS IS AN ALL TIME CELEBRATION PEOPLE!!!

Never would’ve thought I’d be so blown away by Division III athletics but between this and the kick catch from earlier, I think it’s my new favorite level of competition. Just good enough so you know they’re competent athletes, just unimportant enough to make the players do the most outrageous things. It’s like Semi-Pro but real…aka EXACTLY what the internet was made for.






PS Mariano Gorosito shall live on in infamy no doubt but this is the best use of a courtside vehicle IMO