We had oveer $20,000 worth of Guaranteed prize pools last weekend in the DKFC and a decent amount of points was needed to take home a piece of it. User richnuts1 took home $2000 in the Golden Boot with a score of 126. Yodapetcostume took home $1300 with a 136 for the top score in the Equalizer and came in second in the nutmeg to the day’s high scorer, mt33428, who had a 139 in the Nutmeg. The tournaments filled across the board this week and we should see bigger prizes going forward if this trend continues. Let’s take a look at who was needed to be a big winner.

Position Breakdown

Goal Keeper

We had two keepers put up huge days on Saturday and many of the top scoring rosters had one or the other. The most used guy was David De Gea of Manchester United at 30% in the lower buy ins and even higher ownership at higher buy in levels. He only put up 5 points after allowing a goal with very little action seen, so he sank a ton of rosters. Those who were buoyed by their keepers either had Costel Pantilimon of Sunderland or Hugo LLoris of Tottenham. Pantilimon had the day’s best keeper score with a 19.5. He had a clean sheet win with 4 saves and 2 fouls drawn to get him there. He was 7.5% owned in the largest field Nutmeg, and even lower owned than that at the higher buy in levels. He has put up some really nice scores in recent weeks and is a guy we should all be looking at weekly when the match up is in his favor. Hugo Lloris also had a clean sheet win for the Spurs as he finished with 4 saves in his clean sheet win. He was a little more commonly used with 11% ownership in the Nutmeg, 7.6% in the Equalizer, and 7.1% in the Golden Boot including usage on the winning roster in the big buy in tournament. Tottenham is playing much better lately thanks to his strong play at the back and Harry Kane’s goal scoring up front (we will get to him later). Two other keepers of note include a very low owned Joel of Everton who put up 14 points and the much wider used Asmir Begovic of Stoke who had 11. Begovic gaveup a goal or his score would have been a little higher, but all four of those guys were useful swerves from the highly owned De Gea who underperformed his expectations.


We had a plethora of defenders score in the 7-9 range this weekend but only three names in any of the top 10 were able to crack into double digit DK point territory. The top guy on the day was Patrick Van Aanholt of Sunderland. The back had a clean sheet added to an assist and five crosses to give him a DK score of 16 points. He was by far the top defender seen on most of the top 10 rosters across all buy in levels despite being very low owned. He was only 3.5% in the Nutmeg and made almost half of the top 10 rosters, while he was higher owned at the higher buy in levels due to less line ups, but still seen on about as many of the top rosters. He was only $3600 for the top value on the day as well, but this was easily his best game all season from a fantasy standpoint and I would not look to him to repeat it on a weekly basis. The second best and widely seen option was Danny Rose who had 2 crosses, a shot, a clean sheet and 3 fouls drawn to finish with 10.25. He was 22% owned in the Nutmeg for $4000 and now has averaged 13 points over his last four games. He has scored double digits in three of the last four and is becoming aguy you need to look at on a weekly basis. The last guy to talk about is Joel Ward of Crystal Palace. He now has at least 9 DK points in 4 of his last 6 and still remains at $3000. That makes this a three times value option or better in 66% of his recent starts which makes him another guy you must take a look at. Palace very rarely holds people to clean sheets so much ofhis value comes from things like shots, crosses, and fouls drawn which makes him an excellent cash game option on a weekly basis. When CP actually has a chance to keep a clean sheet his activity added to that bonus will be a huge score, especially at his price. the problem is that will be a very infrequent occurrence, but he is still a guy who should now be on your radar.


We had four midfield names this week that kept popping up on top 10 rosters over and over across all buy in levels. Two of them play for the Liverpool side. The top scorer was Philippe Coutinho. This Liverpool middie had 2 assists, 2 shots on goal, 2 crosses, and a foul drawn for a day high score of 18.75 DK points. He was the top scoring MF on the day and was very well priced at only $6500. He was only 6.5% owned in the Nutmeg and 9% in the Equalizer, so if you were shrewd enough to play him it was a very big boost up the leaderboards for your lineups. His Teammate Raheem Sterling also had a stellar performance with 17.25 DK points. He was on the business end of one of those Coutinho assists and added 3 shots (1 on goal), 3 crosses, and a foul drawn to help him get there. He was more expensive than his teammate and much higher owned across all the buy in levels, so he was not as good on a points per dollar basis, but just as useful in terms of raw score. The next best play was Tottenham’s Christian Eriksen who had a goal on 2 shots with 3 crosses and a foul drawn to finish with 16 DK points. He was used on over a quarter of rosters Saturday and now has scored at least 13 points in four of his last six. He was priced at a reasonable $7500 and was very useable this week as that was not too restrictive a price. The fourth guy who was in double digits and on a few more rosters than Eriksen was Manchester United’s Angel Di Maria. The Lynchpin of the Man U attack had 10 DK points at $9900, so he was not a great point per dollar guy, but he is as consistent a stud as anyone in the EPL at any position and was useful. He was 20-30% owned across all buy ins and outperformed the other high dollar Mids like Eden Hazard and Stuart Downing who were also well owned.


As is usually the case in the DKFC, the top scorers on the day were the strikers up front. The best play by any metric on Saturday was Jonathon Walters of Stoke City. His explosion came out of nowhere as his 38.5 DK point day topped his scores for all the games he played this season combined if you exclude his other 22 point explosion at Arsenal a few months back. He was 5% owned more or less and cost only $5300, so while it is not a play I would recommend weekly going forward it was definitely one that paid off today. A more highly owned and consistent option at a much higher price point was Tottenham’s Harry Kane. Kane has been on fire recently and added another 29 DK points to his recent tallies. He was 12-20% owned and cost a whopping $10,000, but he also now has six of eight games with at least 17 DK points for Spurs. He has had some 20 and 30 spots thrown in during this run and he is as hot as any player in the EPL right now. His price has climbed along with his production, but you have to at least consider him based off his recent performances. They were the two big guns you wanted this week to reach the top. Other players worthy of mention include the always solid, always expensive Robin Van Persie of Man U. He threw up 16.5 DK points and was a solid option. The money was still better spent on Kane, but you could have done worse. Romalu Lukaku of Everton also had a solid game with 14 DK points. He is a bit cheaper than the Kane’s and Van Persie’s of the world, but if you check his game log he is just as useful. The other cheap option that was a key to make some of these higher priced guys fit was Jermain DeFoe. He was only in his second game for Sunderland this season, but managed to pick up a goal in 75 minutes as he rounds back into shape. He was a steal at $5100 and you should keep him on your radar for next week if his price remains depressed. It will surely rise as his fitness and goal tally does, so hop on the train now before it’s too expensive to buy a ticket.

Saturday Schedule

DK has upped the prize pools for this weekend in the DKFC, so keep filling these tournaments and we should keep seeing the prizes go up. There’s almost $30,000 in guaranteed money this weekend so make sure to take your shots at the big prizes and get your name mentioned in next week’s recap.

$200 buy in Golden Boot $6K Prize Pool

$27 Equalizer $8K Prize Pool

$2 Nutmeg $4500 Prize Pool