Tuesday Soccer Alert

We had a solid weekend with some nice prize pools in the DKFC. The $10,000 Micro Millions GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL was taken down by jdarbs81 with a 122 score. He was able to turn $10 into a cool $1000 this weekend. We have a three game slate coming up this Tuesday with some EPL action, followed by a much bigger slate Wednesday with a few more games in it. A lot of money on this mid week action in the DKFC. Links to some of the tournaments are below and they have been filling fast, so get in on it here:

Micro Millions #33 $5K Warm up @ $5 buy in


Micro Millions #41: $5K Mini Main Event @ $2 buy in

Micro Millions #40: $20K Main Event @ $20 buy in

Position Breakdown

Goal Keeper

Keepers played very well this weekend in the DKFC as we had a few clean sheets and a lot of solid 1 goal games with wins all around. We had quite a few ways to go at the position, but the top scorer was Lukasz Fabianski of Swansea. He had 6 saves in his clean sheet win to finish with 22 total DK points as the highest scoring keeper. He was $3800 and only 5% owned in the Micro Millions contest, so he was also the best value on the day. New Castle’s Tim Kruhl and Manchester United’s David De Gea both finished with 16 DK points as well. Both guys had 3 saves in their clean sheet wins and were very usable. Kruhl was 15-20% across all buy ins and De Gea was 30-40% depending on where you played. Both guys were in good match ups at home vs. weak attacking offenses, so they made sense. The last guy to mention is Asmir Begovic. He saw no action at all and finished with 10 DK points on the back of his clean sheet win. He faced no pressure so he had no saves, but still was useful because of the double bonuses.


We had three guys who popped up often on the top rosters across all buy in levels and a fourth in Ryan Bertrand who made a few appearances with 9 DK points. The consistent play was again Kieran Trippier of Burnley. I mention every week that this guy never gets a CS bonus due to his bad defense, but he is usable every week. He has scored 14, 16, 15 and 15 in his last four. He cranks 8-12 crosses a game into the box and it’s like clockwork. It’s not easy for defenders to reach double digits, but when you can find a guy who does it consistently he should be on your rosters near weekly. He had another 14.75 this week and was the third highest scorer on the day. He was over 50% owned in spots, including the Micro Millions and that was probably too low to be honest based off recent performance. Many try to link Defenders and goalies, but if you know a guy can get you double digits without needing a CS bonus, you should just roster him and not over think it. Those who were looking to link got lucky with a 16 point performance from Man U’s Marcos Rojo. If you check his game log there was nothing so far this year that told you he was capable of doing this. If you got those points it was probably because you linked him with De Gea hoping for a probable Clean sheet. It’s a very high risk, low reward strategy though, so do not double down on it going forward. It’s burned more people than it has helped in the past so keep that in mind. The last Defender you wanted on the weekend was a great sneaky play. New Castle was home against the worst attacking team in the EPL (Aston Villa) and was getting back their best Fantasy defender in Daryl Janmaat. He came back last game, but that was not a good spot against Man City. At home against a weak attacking side though he was a great play. Janmaat is a poor man’s Trippier as he has 4-8 crosses a game to his credit. In a good match up where you could hope for a CS, it was money. The difference between him and Rojo is the other stats. Rojo is CS dependent as his average score is 2-6 DK points. Janmaat in non clean sheet games has still managed to put up 7-12 points and that floor is why he makes for a better play. These were the top options on the weekend.


It was a very weak showing out of the midfield this weekend in the DKFC. There was only one guy on top ten rosters who managed to crack the 10 point barrier. That was Stoke City’s Victor Moses. He was near 50% owned in the Micro Millions and finished with 10.75 on the back of 6 crosses, a shot, and 5 fouls drawn. He has been a stud lately averaging 11 DK points per game over his last 8 and matching that number with his performance Saturday. The reason for the low scores here was the 70% usage rate on Angel Di Maria of Man U. He was subbed off early and only managed 5.5 DK points. In fact the only other double digit scorer even close to him towards the top of the leader board was Charlie Adams also of Stoke who finished with 11.5 DK points. He was the top scorer on the day and only 0.2% owned in the Micro Millions. Other then those two we had quite a few guys fail to reach that mark. Ashley Young gets an honorable mention with a 9 point showing, but he was not exactly a stud given his high price. On any other day he would not garner attention, but as stated it was a bad week for the position.


The main man this weekend was Manchester United stud Wayne Rooney. He was not cheap at $10,200, but that didn’t stop over a third of players from rostering him this Saturday. He paid off the faith in him with a 30.75 DK point performance on the back of 2 goals, 5 shots (4 on goal), 1 cross and 1 foul drawn. He had twice as many points as any other Forward this weekend and was on every single top ten roster in the Micro Millions. He set a record for having 10 goals in 11 straight Premier League seasons and despite having a down year by his standards, he is always capable of finding the back of the net. After Rooney the top scorer was Pappiss Cisse of New Castle. While more volatile then Rooney, he also made almost a third of rosters on Saturday and paid off his supporters by scoring a goal on his way to 14 DK points. It was not a dominate performance and his price was elevated to $8000, but it was enough on a low scoring weekend up front to make him a guy who was on many top rosters. The next highest scorer was a punt play special. $3200 was the cheapest usable price to pay on Saturday and it belonged to Stoke’s Erik Pieters. He had about 5-10% ownership across all by ins, so it was no secret, but he paid off the best value with his 13.5 DK point performance that including a bunch of stats that did not include a goal or assist. He did it the old fashioned way with Shots, Crosses, and fouls drawn. It was not completely out of the blue as he does have a few other nice scores when he sees the field for a full 90 minutes. If his price stays low he is a viable punt play going forward, but I would not expect many more games like this with huge outperformance. After that the only other two guys seen more than once on the top ten rosters have the letters A D I O and S in their names. Sadio Mane of Southampton and Saido Berahino of West Brom both cracked the double digit mark. Berahino had only one shot and it was on target for a goal to go along with 2 crosses. A very score dependent day for him.  He has scored double digits in only four of his last ten and found the net in all of them. He is not a consistent guy to score as his price is somewhat high and he has shown a low 4 point floor on more then one occasion. Perfect example of a GPP kind of guy in the right match ups. The opposite end of this spectrum is Sadio Mane. Mane has scored 8 or more DK points now in 7 of his last 8. He has averaged 13.5 DK points per game over his last 8 and for some reason his price dropped down to $5700 on Saturday. He was 25% owned in the big one as well, so it was no secret. He has been scoring a lot lately, but for the second time in those 8 games he cracked double digits without a goal. These are my favorite types of guys to roster for cash or GPP. Even ehen they do not score they can still get you double digit points and at $5700 that is rare to find. As we have seen in recent matches as well, due to the plethora of stats on his statline when he does find the net as he has in 4 of those 8 he can also have 20+ point upside. While Saido is a GPP only kind of play I think Sadio is safe to roll out in any format and should be considered weekly if his price stays depressed.