It was not a particularly high scoring week in the DKFC as we really only saw one guy who was low owned crack the 20 point mark. The winning teams still were peppered with players that had DK scores in the mid to high teens, but we did not see any crazy large 30 burgers put up by any individuals this week, so the final scores hovered just over the century mark and in some of the smaller pool tourneys we saw top 10 rosters that were a tad under those in the high 90s totals. Many of the final scores were in the 1-0, 2-0, 2-1 range and much of that scoring was spread out amongst the team. Let’s take a look at some of the better players who won people some money.

Position Breakdown

Goal Keeper

The top rosters across all buy ins have three GKs on that keep popping up often. The top scorer and highest owned on the day was Petr Cech of Chelsea. He was on the road and at a slight discount ($4700) to his recent price and put up an 18 point performances on the back of a clean sheet win with a four saves. He was cheaper then the other two options we will mention by a few hundred bucks making him the top dollar for dollar play on Saturday. For $100 more you could have gotten a serviceable 14 points from Ben Foster of West Brom who had a quiet Clean Sheet win that only required two saves on his part. If you went up another $100 from there you could also have had Burnley’s Tom Heaton who did not keep a clean sheet, but was able to make six saves and pick up a win for 17 DK points as the second highest scorer and second best value. Cech was 25-30% owned while the other two options were right around 10% at most buy in levels. Those three were the guys who helped the top rosters most although a few made it there with single digits out of the GK position as well. If you wanted to win though you really needed to take one of those three.


Well the top scoring defender of the week was very low owned across all buy in. In fact I don’t think he was more than 4% in any of the tournaments I was in and that was Leicester City’s Paul Konchesky. Aston Villa is not a very good scoring side and Leicester was at home, but not much in his game log suggested this was coming. He is a consistent 4-8 point scorer and sometimes not even that, but he had a goal and they kept a CS so it was easily the top score at 18.75 and best value with his $3400 price tag. Some of the usual suspects also had good days. Branislav Ivanovic of Chelsea had a CS and finished with 14.75. He hasn’t had less then 9 in five straight games and averages about 11 over that span. He is as safe and rock steady as they come although he doesn’t really smash through his ceiling often. 10-15 points is pretty much his usual range which is two to three times value for him each game day. Great for cash games, but leaves a little to desire for GPPs. The third guy and another stalwart is Carl Jenkinson of West Ham. He had double digits in 5 of 6 before throing in two stinkers in his last two, but bounced back nicely today with another double digit DK score on the back of his 14 point performance. They did not hold a clean sheet but his high number of crosses always make for a nice score from him. As we mentioned in the past it’s guys like this who you should target as his score is not dependent on a CS bonus and only becomes better if that does come.  We had a few other guys worthy of note who reached double digits. They Include Leighton Baines, Aaron Creswell, Danny Simpson, and Neil Taylor who all had 10-11 points on the day.


The Play of the day was another one of those lower owned value guys as Jason Puncheon of Crystal Palace was the top scorer most seen on top 10 rosters across all buy ins. He had 21.25 DK points on the back of a stat sheet stuffed with shots, crosses, fouls and topped off with a goal. He has been playing well since getting a consistent 90 minutes a game three back as he had 9 and 8 points in those two. I did not see this coming, bt the bandwagon was not empty as many shrewd players were on him. Again he was only 4% or less owned so it was not a ton of exposure, but he was a viable play and paid off nice for his backers. Chelsea’s young phenom Oscar had a goal and an assist on the way to his 20 point day as well. He was not as good a value as Puncheon due to his price ($7100), but was plenty useful at almost 3 times his salary. Guys like Stuart Downing, Gylfi Sigurdsson, and David Silva had right around 10 points at high ownerships which was slightly more than 1 time value for them. Nothing special but still useful fillers. Man City’s Fernandinho had 12 and was about the only other guy who gave a pretty solid return ahead of the pricey players. Nacer Chadli of Tottenham had a 9 DK point game as well for a light discount and was not horrible either.


There’s really four names that are on almost all of the top 10 rosters this week and none of them reached the 20 point mark on Saturday. The top scorer was Saido Berahino of West Brom. He scored the lone goal in that game to finish with 19 DK points. Nothing in his recent past showed he was ready for a breakout, but he played well earlier in the year before being injured, so hopefully this helps him get back on form. He was not particularly cheap ($7800) or low owned 15-20% throughout, so It was a nice return for those that had faith. The more consistent and higher priced stud on the day was Diego Costa of Chelsea. He added another goal to his tally and is very often a great cash game play if and when you can afford to pay up for him. The last two strikers of note are Danny Ings of Burnley who has quietly reached double digits in 6 of his last 9 games and the red hot Harry Kane of Tottenham who has really given that attack a big boost since returning from injury and rounding into form over the past few weeks. Kane’s price is keeping his ownership at bay, but Ings needs to see another price bump as he was on about a third of rosters today at his friendly $7400 price point off his recent success. Those four were seen on almost all top scoring rosters with one of the 20 point mids and a few solid defenders rounded out by one of the three top goalies this week. That’s what was needed to take home big money in the DKFC.


Remember this Saturday is the big January Jams soccer tournament with the $100 buy in and $25,000 Prize pool. The first place payout is $5,000 for this $25,000 Clean Sheet tourney, so make sure you get your entries in ASAP.