He’s watching you. I’m watching him. He’s on the shelf. He’s on the chair. Last time I tried to climb on a shelf, it broke, but I sit in a chair every day.

He’s next to the flatscreen one day then hugging the floor lamp the next day. Flatscreens are in front of me every day. Depends on the evening if I hug a floor lamp by morning.

He’s everywhere.

But I wonder if that Elf, that surveillance state cultural manifestation, saw these.

I wonder if he saw the bad.

Or the good.

The nasty. The jiggle. The wobble. The wiggle.

The tricky.

The sick.

The naughty ones throwing shade on the young upstarts in the game.

They be trollin’ … but then once you realize your hopes and dreams are lost on your number one team.

This happens.


It hurts to tear it off your chest. But when you give up on your football team, remember your Christmas jersey fits.

Just don’t rip the sleeves off…this time.

But if you don’t get what you wished for…you make it happen.

Something about that dunk makes me want to dance. Perhaps Dikembe can show how?

And yes, I’m wanting hard to see the new Star Wars movie. But it appears Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn are already geared up and ready to see it on Dec. 18th.

Mental Image of the Day: Olivia Munn in Leah outfit.








But sometimes there’s not enough wanting in the world to bring things to reality.

And the sadness is uncontrollably felt and reflected in the hearts of kindred fans.

But then you realize…it is me you’re looking for.

But sometimes, you understand the new thing is just so good…so perfect…so…machine. You know it when you see it.

And you know just want to do…

Then you know the streak must one day end and you realize, “this is the stuff nightmares are made of.”

Till next time, “I sometimes see you pass outside my door… Hello, is it me you’re looking for?”