Today we released a new feature that allows users to edit lineups in existing contest entries using a CSV file. Check out the step-by-step instructions below and then test it out!

To use the Edit Entries feature, first click on ‘My Lineups’ in the main site navigation. Next click on the Edit Entries button.


On the Edit Entries screen, select the sport and start time for the entries you want to edit, then click the download button to generate the CSV file.


When you open the file, you will see that it lists each contest entry you have for the sport and start time you chose. You can view your lineup for each entry, and some information about the contest that the entry corresponds to. The file also lists the complete player pool for this sport and start time on the right side.


To edit your lineup for an entry in the file, find the entry in the first column and then enter the lineup you wish to use next to that entry. You can use the player information in the ‘Name+ID’ column or the ‘ID’ column. You cannot use only the player’s name when entering a lineup – you must include the player’s ID.


When you are finished editing your entries, save your CSV file. Then go back to the Edit Entries page, click the Upload CSV button, and select your file.


When the file has processed, the Upload Entries pane will display the results. You will see how many entries were successfully edited, and any errors will be explained.



1. Can I upload a file that has a partial list of my entries?

Yes, you can upload a partial list. Your file will process faster the fewer entries you include.

2. Can I upload a file containing entries with different start times?

Yes, you can include multiple start times in one file. However, each file must contain entries from only one sport.

3. How do reserved entries show up in the CSV file?

If you reserve an entry into a contest, it will appear in the file with a blank lineup next to it.