There are WAY too many examples of professional athletes non chalantly dominating a sport they don’t even regularly play. Deion and Bo casually playing baseball, Odell tomahawk dunking, Odell kicking field goals, Odell pitching 98 MPH; it gets so exhausting. WHY ARE THEY ALLOWED TO BE GOOD AT EVERYTHING?

Well fret no longer because now we truly have the greatest absolute worst dual threat athletes North of the border… Daniel and Henrik, the Sedin twins. Still dominating the Canucks first line and loading up Vancouver with as many goals/assists they can muster. Which is good because the second they step off giant slabs of ice they become the most sub-par athletes alive. Do they not have round balls in Sweden?


Definitely big props for the Big Country/Bibby jerseys but that’s where the praise ends here.


Worst. H-O-R-S-E Game. Ever.





Somewhere Mr. Reeves weeps… gotta be the World Record for attempted layups/5 ft jumpers in a game of H-O-R-S-E right? They followed up that abomination with a Trivia game which Daniel also won.

Important for Danny to build a big lead this season after big bro Henrik won the first competition of Sedin Vs. Sedin last year. So pointless and yet oddly fascinating.




Weirdest. Twins. Ever.