I can’t imagine what it’s like to work on the social media team of a professional sports franchise. Whether you Tweet something hilarious or actually terrible, there’s ALWAYS going to be absurd reactions and very real outrage from the public in some way.

Trying to do cool, innovative stuff like the Rockets tweeting out horse emoji’s against the Mavericks doesn’t work either. Seems like most situations have proven… when in doubt, be as vanilla and generic as possible. That means no outside the box thinking and DEFINITELY no references to heartbreaking Game 7 losses that Canucks fans will never EVER forget about…

(even if it’s to support your fellow maple chuggers)  





Definitely a stab in the back (and front and all over) by one of your own but cheer up Canucks fans, it could always be worse! You could have to play goalie against Vladimir Putin on his birthday in Sochi.

I’d take about a gazillion Blue Jays Tweets over that. That wrister would be way too much to handle. Strong like bull/laser bear.