Night two wasn’t as exciting as night one, but it was certainly entertaining. I’ll admit, with every second that I watch these other teams battle for the Cup, I cry inside knowing the Boston Bruins aren’t in it. Okay, maybe I cry a little on the outside too, but that’s neither here, nor there. Here’s everything you missed from the second night of playoff action with the Stanley Cup Playoffs recap.

Detroit Leaves Tampa Bay Stunned

I’ll tell you what, if you’re a Tampa Bay fan, this game was BRUTAL to watch. The Lightning out-shot the Red Wings 46 to 14. Yes, 46 TO 14. That means, Ben Bishop only saved 11 pucks ALL NIGHT. NOT a good look for a starting goaltender in the NHL Playoffs. On the other side of the ice, I’m not sure anyone could have seen 44 saves from Red Wings goalie, Petr Mrazek, but I guess that’s what makes Detroit, Detroit. They’re good every year because guys come in from anywhere and produce.

Case and point. Luke Glendening only scored 12 goals all year, then he turns around (#clever) and does this.

Datsyuk had 2 goals. Ho-Hum, the usual type of magic from The Magician. Just figured I’d mention it. Tampa Bay can’t be thrilled with taking a 3-2 loss on home ice, considering they were the best team at home all year. As a Bruins fan, I know the feeling of watching your team shoot, and not score. I feel your pain, Tampa Bay fans. All 10 of you.  


Rangers Take Care of Business in Game 1

It only took 28 seconds for the Rangers to score first in the game. The Penguins backed into the playoffs, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that they lost 2-1 last night. While they do have firepower (looking at you Crosby and Malkin), they just aren’t as good as New York. #HotTakesOnly.

Like I said, 28 seconds.

By the way, love the strategy, Pittsburgh. Can’t beat ’em, shoot the puck into their face to hurt ’em.

Poor joke alert: Get your brooms out! This one’s gonna be a sweep!

I warned you it was going to be poor, so that’s my defense.


SHOCKER! The Blues Lose Game 1 to the Wild

How many years are we going to do this, St. Louis? Your team is terrific. They’re great in the regular season. Seriously, they’re awesome. Then the playoffs come around and you STINK. Not sure how many Blues fans are actually reading this, but I’m talking to you. BLOW THE TEAM UP! (AKA trade OShie to the Bruins. Please?). Anyway, the Wild won 4-2 in St. Louis last night, and they will win this series. Like I said earlier, hot takes only.

Solid defending/goaltending by St. Louis 3 minutes in.

In St. Louis’ defense, it’s tough to win a series when the other team can’t even score on their goalie

As mentioned, this series is over. Am I overreacting to one game? Most likely. But the series is still over. I actually like the Blues, so I’m not sure where the roasting of them came from. Just felt right.


Ducks’ Big Guns Too Much for the Jets

Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf ended up being too much for the Winnipeg Jets last night. Perry had 2 goals and 2 assists, with 6 shots on net. Getzlaf had 1 goal and 2 assists, with 5 shots on goal. Winnipeg actually led this game 2-1 going into the 3rd period. They just took too many stupid penalties that allowed the Ducks to score with the man advantage. They ended up losing 4-2, but this was probably the most entertaining game of the night.

I honestly didn’t think the Jets stood a chance after this.

BUT, they proved me wrong. The Jets were THIS CLOSE to going up 3-1.

And then they were THIS CLOSE to keeping the game tied 2-2 in the third.

I think this was the game Winnipeg needed to take. Can’t help but think that collision in pregame warms-ups didn’t effect the stretching ability of Ondřej Pavelec, which led to NOT being able to stretch enough to save the game winner by Perry. That’s a bit of a stretch don’t you think?… Alright, I’m done.


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