It was one hell of an opening night for the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. While my beloved Boston Bruins aren’t in, I can still appreciate what this tournament has to offer. And if you can’t, you hate entertainment. P.K. Subban was ejected for a slashing penalty off the puck, the Predators went up 3-0, only to lose 4-3 in 2OT, and both the New York Islanders and Calgary Flames went into opposing rinks to get wins. Those are just a few of the headlines from night one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.


Islanders Dismantle the Capitals

The Isles went into Washington and delivered a beat down. The final score was 4-1, and there isn’t much left to say. Holtby wasn’t playing the Bruins, so you knew there was a pretty good chance pucks were going in the net. I just didn’t think it’d be 4.

Hey, Holtby. Sup?


Canadiens Win, Still Dirty

Max Pacioretty was out last night, and the Sens are easily the hottest team in the NHL. Also, these two teams HATE each other. Mash all of these things together, and you have an extremely entertaining game. Someone Tell P.K. Subban you can’t do this, though.

Hell of a sell job by Stone. I’m sure it hurt, but I’m almost positive your head doesn’t instinctively look for a ref when you get hit in the wrist.

“That’ll be a Game Misconduct penalty, and you’ll have to leave the ice for the remainder of the game, P.K.” – The Ref (Best guess). The NHL is “reviewing” it, but I don’t think he deserves a suspension for the next game.

And apparently Andrei Markov has solved Carey Price

Ottawa needed more Markov in this game, as they lost 4-3. This should be a long, gritty, dirty series.


Nashville Squanders a 3 Goal Lead Against Chicago

I guess the Predators thought this game was 20 minutes long. They exploded in the first period to get a 3-0 lead. Corey Crawford was pulled from this game for Scott Darling. Yes, you read that right. Scott Darling. Joel Quenneville looks like a genius now because the score was 3-3 at the end of the second period, and the Blackhawks eventually won in double overtime off a goal from Duncan Keith. If you think the Preds stand a chance in this series after last night’s game, you’re kidding yourself. Nashville can pack up now. They needed that win.

#DarlingFever, get with it or get lost (even though Crawford will probably start next game)

PS – I don’t think “Overtime Loss” is on the Preds’ cheat sheet. Must have been confusing for the fans. (click picture for zoom):

Preds Cheat Sheet


The Flames Off to a Hot Start! (See What I Did There?)

It’s the first time the Flames have been in the playoffs in 6 years. Vancouver started the scoring in the second period, but then they allowed Calgary to grab the next two to win 2-1. The game winner came off the stick of Kris Russell with about 30 seconds left in regulation. That’s Calgary’s 25th come-from-behind-victory this year. Heartbreak City, British Columbia AKA Vancouver.

Kris Russell’s game winning bomb from the point

By the way, I guess they give out a fireman’s hat covered in flames to the game’s MVP in Calgary? I don’t want that helment, I need it.


Here’s to another entertaining night in playoff hockey. You can follow me on Twitter, if you’re up for it – @ethanlap