Happy Hockey Day everybody! Seems like it crept out of nowhere but the NHL season is finally upon us. No better way to celebrate it than with a brand new “This Is Sportscenter” commercial.

Who IS the team of geniuses behind these ads and why aren’t they running all of ESPN? Seriously the best content they ever churn out and pretty sure I’ve never seen one and not LOL’d.

It may be hard to find puck highlights in the SC Top 10 but they do have the puck funny game ON LOCK.



Alexander Ovechkin Spy commercial might be my favorite of all time






Literally NEVER a bad time to see the Swedish Chef from the Muppets






Don’t ever expect the New Jersey Devils mascot to be going up





But the best “This Is Sportscenter” commercial of all? I might be biased since Sam the Minuteman is a dear dear friend who I showered in JQA extensively with but…