We head into a light slate with just three games. It is time to get down to work because this is going to be quick. Get in them and make some money!

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This will be fun! Let’s go!

Carey Price ($9500) – This is our riskiest play of the night actually as Montreal’s history in San Jose is brutal and we are being kind. Price has an incredible save percentage of near .950 over the last 2 1/2 months. The Habs scoring comes and goes but right now it is on a tear of nearly four goals per game. That well may dry up quickly but when it does, Price is usually there to bail the team out. Few other teams have that luxury and only one team has Price right now.

Corey Crawford ($8800) – Well Chicago has to hang their hat on something now. They need wins not so much for seeding as for confidence. If they can just build a little up, that may be enough to stem the loss of Patrick Kane a bit. This is kind of another gamble because everyone things the Blackhawks are just going to automatically win. They have real issues with team defense. It almost is like a series of communication breakdowns. Needless to say, that first 20 minutes will be a litmus test as to how the rest of the game might go.

Others to consider: Cam Talbot ($7400). — Go Niemi if really desperate!


Tomas Plekanec ($6200) – This is a good time to see if Plekanec can do this on the left coast. It almost seems like the California Swing is not quite as tough as it was the past few years. Montreal has the best goalie and a hot offense right now. Everything is pointed in the good direction. The production might tail off a bit but the Plekanec line should match up well against the vets line. That is the projection anyway. Either way, Plekanec is at not too bad of a price.

Craig Smith ($6000) – Let’s risk this! Nashville goes into a euphoric MSG and fans who think they have won the Stanley Cup with their trade for Keith Yandle. A mini Nashville stack may not be a half bad idea and Smith has to lead the way with six goals and nearly four shots per game over his last nine games. Smith fires the puck a lot and that is when he is most effective. You may want to consider Mike Fisher as he seems to have this knack to be a pest to the NY Rangers.

Others I like:  Antoine Vermette ($3500),  Elias Lindholm ($3300). — Watch for Couture!

Value: Brad Malone ($2600), Marcus Kruger ($2500).


Rick Nash ($7700) – This is perfect timing as Nash’s value has dropped a little over $1,000 in rather short order. Nash is shooting a hair less at 3,5 shots per game and missing more shots actually. He does have a point a game still but his chances have been curtailed some. What Keith Yandle brings as far as a lift may not be apparent right away. Who am I kidding? This is going to help the power play a good bit and much needed for the Rangers and Nash. The winger has no power play points in ten games.

Marian Hossa ($5900) – This is another nice value. Yes DraftKings has quite a few on this night especially for the Micro Millions contests apparently. Either way, Hossa should thrive against a Carolina team that will not have the last change. They will play with a sense of urgency in Chicago. They have to. Do not be surprised if Marian Hossa winds up having a pretty good night. This is not just about line chemistry. This is about pride and hunches!

Others I like: Filip Forsberg ($5300), Alex Semin ($4400).

Value: Teuvo Teravainen ($2700), Dale Weise ($2700).


Andrei Markov ($5800) – Defense prices are a bit high in spots but Markov is still rather affordable considering another hot streak of late. Yes we are trying to shamelessly take advantage of a streak that could be on the wane soon. The problem is always when does the run end? Some of our picks honestly are just based on gut. After all, if I went by numbers all the time, that would be pretty dull. The Montreal PP may not be mighty but that San Jose PK is below 80%. Let’s fire it up!

Ryan McDonagh ($5000) – It is a time to go moderately priced and take McDonagh up a notch or two. While it is not clear the new role McDonagh will have on the power play but he may get bumped down to PP2. Stay tuned for that. However, McDonagh will be able to concentrate a little less on the man advantage and more on 5 on 5 play. That could be beneficial to your bottom line. At the very least the defenseman blocks a good amount of shots and hits the net every so often.

Others I like: Brent Burns ($7500), Brent Seabrook ($4600).

Value:  Kevin Klein ($3000), Mattias Ekholm ($2500)

Thanks for reading guys and hopefully the picks help you out. If you have any questions, fire them away at me on twitter @ChrisWasselDFS and i’ll do my best to answer them.

Good luck tonight!