If you follow my work, you know I’m mostly a basketball writer. I don’t dislike hockey by any means. I actually enjoy it. But with the overlap of basketball season, it’s tough for me to watch a lot of games. THIS, however, is exactly how you capture my attention at an NHL game.

I can’t tell you how hard I laughed when I saw this Vine. It’s perfect.

You see crazy stuff thrown on the ice at hockey games all the time, but the item isn’t exactly what’s crazy here. As odd as I find bringing a sea creature with tentacles into a sports arena to throw onto the playing field, you see it all the time. But this octopus is absolutely huge, and this guy just couldn’t care less.

He almost waddles down the stairs with it because it’s so heavy, and then has to put his entire back into it just to throw the thing with two hands. Supper classy move during the National Anthem too.

The lady who turned around in her seat had my exact reaction. It was jaw dropping. Now excuse me while I continue to loop through this vine another 30 or 40 times …

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