The NBA season is lengthy and ever-changing. Our weekly position rankings will give you the top-3 players at each position over the course of the season. There’s sure to be some staples throughout the season, as well as some much welcomed surprises. Without further adieu …

Point Guards

Stephen Curry — If anything, I suppose Curry has been human of late. He’s failed to crack 30 points or make more than two 3-pointers in each of his last three. Of course, Steph was just an assist away from a triple-double Friday against the Bucks. His overall body of work still remains at a level we’ve never seen.

John Wall — Westbrook has been locked into this position all season, so it speaks to how well Wall is actually playing. Wall has had some elite games of late, which can mostly be attributed to how he’s grown as a PG. Without Bradley Beal and Otto Porter on Monday night, Wall set a career-high with 19 assists — pretty impressive.

Chris Paul — Westbrook’s inconsistencies lately combined with how strong CP3 has been in his return make Paul the better option right now. Ironically, it’s the Thunder who’ve been winning games with Russ’ numbers down, and the Clippers losing with Paul’s numbers on the rise. Nonetheless, you can’t ignore what CP3 has been doing both scoring the ball and assisting per usual.

Shooting Guards

Klay Thompson — After a lengthly slow start to the season, Klay is back. Since Harrison Barnes went down, Thompson has been making it RAIN — including a 39-point performance with 10 3-pointers and a 43-point game with eight treys. When he’s at his best, nobody can shoot the ball like Thompson … excluding Steph Curry, obviously.

James Harden — Harden’s minutes have gone down as he requested, but it’s had minimal effect on his value. He still fills up the scoring column every single game, and is having his most well-rounded season across the stat sheet. You know what you’re getting from Harden when you roster him.

Tyreke Evans — Since making his season debut on December 1st, Evans has been fantastic. His triple-double potential keeps his ceiling higher than most players in his price range, but Evans also comes with a decent amount of risk. Tyreke is an ideal swing-for-the-fences tournament play.

Small Forwards

Kevin Durant — The Thunder are winning with a much more balanced formula than they have in the past. KD’s numbers are down just like Westbrook’s, but Durant is still the most lethal SF at the moment. With his scoring down more than usual, KD is making up for it by contributing in other areas.

LeBron James — LBJ isn’t having his best season statistically, but he’s still been very good. What he seems to be lacking are those monster 40-point triple-doubles that we’ve become accustomed to. With Kyrie Irving now back in the lineup, LeBron’s value could take a hit, but he’s still a great option just because of pure volume — LeBron wants to keep playing big minutes. 

Kawhi Leonard — Leonard is nasty, and gets almost no respect for his game. He’s a do-it-all superstar with no ego, something practically impossible to find. He’s going to give you great fantasy numbers, but even more impressive is the fact that he can shut down the opposition with such dominance (like holding Paul George to 1-for-14 shooting on Monday).

Power Forwards

Draymond Green — Draymond is my favorite fantasy option right now because he does everything on the floor so well. It makes it harder for him to have a bad game since he’s always doing so much. Games where he has everything clicking makes him a threat to come up with a monster night as a reward.

DeMarcus Cousins — It’s about time. Cousins has been having a horrible season — initially battling injuries, but after returning, he still played poorly. It feels like he’s back now, so you can return to trusting him. It’d be nice to see a big time breakout game to really announce his return.

Anthony Davis — Davis has been very good this season. He’s a double-double machine with elite shot blocking ability. You can’t find Davis-type numbers from any other player, but I’ve been disappointed with his season simply because I expected such elite numbers. Maybe he’ll get there is he can stay healthy. 


Pau Gasol — Gasol has been playing awesome lately, but his minutes were tough to trust (often in the mid-high 20s). He was still my top center last week, so I can’t raise his ranking, but I would if I could. Gasol has now played 33+ minutes in his last three games, which is great for his value.

Andre Drummond — The book on Drummond hasn’t changed all season. He’s going to get you a double-double (sometimes with an absurd amount of rebounds), block a few shots and get a few steals. Nothing not to like about that.

Karl-Anthony Towns — Towns has been adjusting to the NBA very well and (more impressively) very quickly. Take Monday night in Boston — 25 points, 16 rebounds, three blocks, two assists and a steal. Towns is only going to improve to the point where he’s one of the most versatile centers in the league.

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