First things first, I did NOT know William Perry threw down such hotfire on the 1’s and 2’s! “The Refrigerator Man” would get a million views in the first hour it was released if it got put out today. Can you imagine big butt Suh kicking people in the face on a Sunday and then putting out a self-made rap about how big he is on a Monday? It’s literally what the internet was invented for.

This dude in High School may not have The Fridge’s rap game, but he’s well on his way to carving out a place for himself in the Big Boy Hall of Fame. There are few things I love in this world more than humans over 300 lbs running the rock through the A-gap. Even though defenders should just immediately submarine for ACL’s, it always ends up being an absolute shitshow trying to take them down. This kid didn’t throw in the Jerome Bettis SHAKE N BAKE but maybe he’s just saving that for State…



If he’s got time he should head over to Iceland and help The Mountain out a little bit. Pulling Caterpillar tractors by yourself is TOUGH apparently.

Even when you’re the World’s Strongest Man…