Tom Brady and the NFL are in the midst of a battle that we’re all getting sick of. We’re just ready to watch some freaking football.

Of course, we understand why the outcome is so important, not just to Brady, but also to fans and fantasy players. Everyone wants to know if he’s going to be on the field. But at this point, right or wrong, opinions have been formed. You’re either with Tom or against him.

What I’m saying is, TB12′s image is no longer in danger. A ruling isn’t going to sway opinions after months of trying to uncover the facts. Each of us knows how we feel, and no matter what, Brady’s image will take somewhat of a hit after all this.

So why bother to fight any longer? Brady could easily draft a statement that says he maintains that he’s done nothing wrong, but to avoid further distraction, he plans to accept his suspension and move on. But he won’t.

That’s because Brady’s mindset goes beyond that of a superstar. At his core, he’s still the 199th pick in the draft.

He’s the player that took the field because No. 1 overall pick Drew Bledsoe went down with an injury, and never looked back. That Tom Brady isn’t a guy that’s about to let Jimmy Garoppolo have a chance to do exactly what he himself did 14 years ago.

I love this about Tom Brady, and you should to.

This is what makes him human. Mr. 199 remembers exactly where he came from. Yet against all odds, he reached the pinnacle of his field, and has remained there ever since. It may be cruel to Garoppolo right now, but an old man in Green Bay once treated Aaron Rodgers as a threat, and look how that tough love worked out.

Jimmy G’s chance will come, but a former sixth-round pick from Michigan doesn’t want that time to come just yet. Brady knows all too well what happens next if you’re prepared to run when given an opportunity. Garoppolo might be a really great QB one day, but it’s going to be when Tom Brady decides to give him his turn, not when Brady’s forced to.

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