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A lot of people may argue it never actually began.. but let’s take a moment to bow our heads in silence for the career of Geno Smith. RIP bro. I would say it was a good run but it definitely wasn’t anything close to resembling good. Every indication was Geno made a huge turn this offseason and was ready to not only lead on the field but also in the locker room. Well LOLOLOLOL

Luckily for the Jets there may be a quarterback savior out there that can ABSOLUTELY handle the bright lights of New York City. All that awesome food in Times Square might be a problem though..





Yea seriously. MAKE THIS HAPPEN PLEASE MERCIFUL LORD! Throw the scouting reports away and just go with your gut Woody Johnson. You NEED this guy. Although for any other player, maybe keep those scouting reports close/actually use them..




Violence in his punch huh? YOU DON’T SAY! Man if AFC East teams were smart they’d snatch this guy up like, NOW





Welp when Rex said he wanted to #BuildABully should’ve known he was being as literal as possible. Best $600 IK will ever not receive..