It’s Halloween. It’s a scary time for all of us now that baseball is essentially over – unless you live in Queens or Kansas City. Those baseball fans might have had minor heart attacks when Gremlins that knocked out the national tv feed.

Meh. I doubt anyone noticed, except for the internet.

USA Today had a good round up of internet fury.

Let’s jump across the pond, shall we?

Jurgen Klopp is the new manager for Liverpool FC. Me thinks they signed him because he is just so helpful. For instance take this errant pass during practice this week, he’s so kind he even offered his glasses to Jordan Ibe.

And, Liverpool fans are really jazzed to have “caught the Klopp.” #badumdum

But all the Klopp-love aside, we got a brand new NBA basketball season state-side.

Stephen Curry was so excited…he put a ring on it.

But the new NBA season wasn’t without its low points. The summertime feud between Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and LA Clippers owner Steve Ballmer took center-stage at the Clippers home opener game this week. Turns out, Cuban holds a grudge.

Doc Rivers chimed in with…

Then Steve Ballmer was all like…

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Waking up on Friday like …

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Then some guy got the brilliant idea to put Cuban and Ballmer on the kiss cam. #bestideaever

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Kiss cam at Staples Center, the Ballmer-Cuban edition.

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And the two guys with more money that they could ever spend, kissed and made up.

Sports Nation made a documentary on this drama.

So, now that we don’t have to choose between #TeamBallmer and #TeamCuban…I think the world can continue turning.

Aside from the drama in LA, this week welcomed back the NBA and frankly I love the anticipation, so does Jimmy Fallon.

Nice armpit logo sweatshirt, bro.

On to pigskin.

New York Football Giants fans are tentatively rejoicing because Jason Piere Paul is back at practice with Big Blue.

And the New York Post reported JPP jumped right back into contact drills. This is big especially since JPP lost a finger and a half on a July 4th fireworks accident. A welcomed sight, because the Giants need all the help they can get on defense. Still, good to see the big man back on the field.

Also, this week the United States National Women’s Soccer Team visited the White House in celebration of their World Cup victory this past summer. President Obama had some poignant things to say about “playing like a girl.”

One of my fave MMA fighter’s knows a little about fighting like a girl. They even put her on the cover of a very prestigious magazine.

Don’t think I’ve forgotten about the ongoing Super Fan of the Week sightings for this NFL season. Here are this week’s winners for winning at life.

This superfan even got some big screen time in the Arizona game.


Finally, this past week we got to see a dumpster fire on the sidelines during the Cowboys-Giants Game. Greg Hardy just keeps keeping it classy.

Then Hardy gave us his best Suh impersonation.

So, this past week we saw the good, the bad…and Hardy gave us the ugly.

What say you Scary Clown Vine?

Till next time, before the Trick-or-Treating gets out of hand remember to set your lineups.