Welcome, Dear Friends. I’ve decided to focus on a largely underserved portion of the sports universe this week. The Superfan. Yes, the people that live and breathe for gameday. I speak of the hearty lot that don’t think twice about spreading lead-based paint across their chests for the mid-winter classic between the Bears and the Packers at Lambeau Field. I’m talking about the guys and gals that don’t need to show a ticket because they are so decked out security just waves them on by.

But some guys need to step up their game. Namely, this guy.

But the following guys are not lacking in their Superfan game. Here are this week’s candidates for #superfanoftheweek!


Not that I’m being nit-picky, but when “The Number One” Ohio State is barely holding off the Fighting Bulldogs of the University of Indiana, then the gnashing of teeth and exclamations directed heavenward are most definitely in order. #cryhavocandletslipthedogsofwar

This Iowa fan stood tall and proud in a sea of Wisconsin red supporters. This is no small feat. It is really quite brave because I hear in Wisconsin they waterboard you with molten cheese of they don’t like you.

This Bengals fan is just there. It’s not often the Psycho-Clown Superfan can find those rare moments of zen.

Then there are moments when it’s time for dancing Bengals Stormtrooper. And that time is right now. #letyourfreakflagfly

Now, I’d like to introduce you to “Ted.” He’s an accountant. And Seahawks Superfan.

Now, Frank here deserves special recognition. He’s a Raiders fan…in Chicago. Who dressed up for a Raiders Black Hole Experience at Solider Field. #shineonyoucrazydiamond

It seems that Philly is the angst ridden Superfan Mecca these days. What with the Phillies stinking up the baseball corner of town, the Eagles aren’t far behind if Chip Kelly can’t get the offense to get…more…”offensive.” Have no fear, the Phillies Superfans are picking up the slack. And the garbage. It appears that some fans are taking people’s garbage and running away after games. Well, that’s just…Philly. #itsalwayssunnyinPhilly

And then there is this guy. Not only is he a Redskins fan, but he’s got the helmet-hat and bought tickets for the game. It is very likely that he knew the Skins weren’t playing, but he rocked it anyways. #HTTR, old chap!

But Superfans don’t just appear in the NFL habitat of the sports world. They also exist in the Baseball hemisphere. And some appear to be chameleons.


In his defense, Boston has a way of getting under one’s skin. #necktattoosareabadidea #keepitclassy

That wraps up our collection of #superfans for this week. Be on the lookout for more this coming week and be sure to tweet them at @Deepdfspicks. I’d love to see what you find and post them in a future edition of Weekly Sports Time Machine. If I pick your #Superfanoftheweek tweet, then I’ll send you something. Perhaps a dead bird. My cat seems to think that’s an appropriate gift for any occasion.

And now, Prince Fielder not being graceful. #bigmanproblems

And Ryan Mallet, we all can read lips. #iknowknowhatyoujustsaid


We didn’t have to read lips to understand that Ndamukong Suh is upset about how the Dolphins have been “performing” this season. #nextquestion

We also need little interpretation to understand the #suhstaffer.

I make that same face when I cropdust elevators. Which was the equivalent of what Suh’s press conference was. #suhsmash Perhaps the #suhstaffer caught wind of Joe Philbin getting fired this past week. #suhknows

And now for my final two clips. You might understand why Ronda Rousey is such a dominate force in the octagon, but did you know she doesn’t like #ballsports? I bet you didn’t know that. But I have proof.

I love her voice inflection on #ballsports. #powrightinthekisser

But what kind of #ballsports, Ronda? Can you give us a list or something?

Till next time, I like it #allinmyface.