Kinda insane that the Eagles went from the laughing stock of the NFL offseason to 10-1 Superbowl odds seemingly overnight. Watching Sam Bradford zinging quick slants like his Boomer Sooner days has been pretty fun to watch this preseason, although not nearly as much as seeing Chip say “Know what I mean” to literally everyone he sees.


Probably/definitely sure there are VERY few times when someone actually knows what Chip means..










All indications are Warrior Sam is full healthy, good to go, and ready to sling magic all over the field for Chipadelphia. He could really end up being a weekly DFS gem you know what I mean? Like he could throw the ball good and score lots of Fantasy points (on Draftkings). Speaking of which, let’s check in with another pretty boy QB who loves scoring points.

Sweetest offseason ever or nah Tom?