With all the blood letting and tagging occurring in the NFL these past few weeks. You would think a team like the Washington Redskins would want to get in on some of the action.

As a resident of the District and not a Redskins fan, I have a theory on why the Burgundy and Gold have been so quiet lately.

A. Nobody wants to play in D.C.

B. Nobody wants to play for Dan Snyder.

C. Nobody wants to play in D.C.

This big fella is coming to Landover, Maryland.
This big fella is coming to Landover, Maryland.

Don’t worry, many of my friends are Washignton Football Faithful and there is a kernel of worry burrowed deep between their ears – it all could be dashed away with a few swipes of a pen and phone calls to and from Redskins Owner Dan Snyder’s office.

Has somebody walled him up in his office? Did they cut the internet and phone lines? Has somebody stuffed him into the ample trunk of a Lincoln Town Car? Those are some comfy trunks. Plenty of leg room and the brake lights give it a subtle hue of danger.

So, the Redskins have a shot at getting some young talent for their team. Where do they need the talent the most?


Washington has the fifth overall in the first round. They have options. Essentially, Washington needs help in virtually every position. So the draft is a good place to try and find guys to fit the positions they can’t band-aid during free agency.

RG3 wouldn’t need his knees held together by duct-tape, tears, and prayer if the Redskins had an offensive line. Period. Any offensive line would do. Right now they couldn’t stop a grandma on a runaway rascal flying through a Macy’s.

So far Washington has been quiet during the free agency period. But they have made a few signings.

Stephen Paea, DE, 26 – four year deal. 

Terrance Knighton, NT, 28 – one year deal. 

Chris Culliver, CB, 26 – four year deal. 

Perhaps, just perhaps Dan Snyder has been muzzled for this free agency season.
Perhaps, just perhaps Dan Snyder has been muzzled for this free agency season.

Sensing a pattern? Yeah, they signed three guys to shore up a defense that was essentially paper-matche last year.

According to a recent story in the Washington Post, General Manager Gary McCloughan has stuck to his plan of focusing on he draft and shoring up with pieces quietly signed during free agency.

From what I’ve heard on the ground in the District; people hope and pray McCloughan sticks with the plan and somebody kidnaps Dan Synder on draft night.

Till next time, don’t even think about trading that first round pick and follow me @Deepdfspicks.