We have a ton of really great DFS analysts and writers here on the DraftKings Playbook. They can do a much better job than I can at telling you who the best fantasy football players are most likely to be this (and every) week — while backing it all up with legit information.

I am very confident in one thing this week, however. The Patriots are going to destroy the Colts in epic fashion on Sunday night.

Since April, when deflategate really began to heat up, I’ve been adamant that no matter what type of punishment Tom Brady and the Patriots were to face, they were still going to manage a historic season of some sort.  Of course, they’ve already set a franchise record for points through the team’s first four games (149), one more than their undefeated 2007 squad  was able to produce (148).

The 4-0 Patriots have played angry, and with purpose in 2015. Tom Brady is more motivated than ever, which isn’t good for the rest of the NFL. But most of all, in the short-term, it’s not good for the Colts come Sunday. Here’s the part where the experts insert fancy numbers. So this is what I have for you …

Over Brady and Luck’s four NFL meetings, the combined score is 189-73. Indy’s scoring has decreased in each game, while New England has remained consistently in the neighborhood of its 47.25-point average.

So here’s my formula for Sunday: The Patriots always blow out the Colts + angry/motivated Tom Brady + Bill Belichick not letting off the gas pedal = New England easily exceeds 47.25 points.

Don’t question it … that makes perfect sense.

Typically, I’m a guy that’s going to play value quarterbacks on DraftKings. Look at how good guys like Andy Dalton and Tyrod Taylor have been so far. Heck, Josh McCown had the game of the year last week priced at just $5,100.

I’m throwing all that out the window this week. Use highly priced Patriots with confidence. Brady is going to be an assassin. Edelman and Gronk are sure to be the prime beneficiaries, along with pleasant surprise, Dion Lewis.

Don’t count the rest of the guys out either — Danny Amendola or even Keshawn Martin … seriously. The Patriots are not going to ease up in this game. Which makes it a realistic possibility to even play LeGarrette Blount alongside a stack of Brady/Edelman/Gronk.

Just because the passing game goes off, doesn’t mean for a second that Blount can’t achieve a monster game. Here are New England’s leading RB stats from the last three times the Pats have faced the Colts: Blount — 148 yards and 3 TDs, Jonas Gray 201 yards and 4 TDs, Blount 166 yards and 4 TDs.

In the game before those three, the Pats managed 115 yards on the ground by committee, while Brady torched Indy for 331/3/0 through the air — which Brady is targeting to surpass this week. New England can, and will, have its way with the Colts on the ground in this game, but they also have more in mind. Brady and his offense are going to be ready to put on a show in all aspects of the game.

An expert might tell you to do otherwise, but I’m confident that there will be no such thing as rostering too many Patriots in Week 6. This has the potential to be one of the rare games where situation, score, personnel, etc. can all be ignored.

Of course, any member of the Patriots will tell you how difficult of an opponent the Colts are, how close this game will be, and how hard it will be to come away with a win. The Patriots will leave all the talking to the scoreboard come Sunday night. But believe me, October 18th has been circled on the calendars in Foxborough for quite some time now.

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