No Millionaire Maker on DraftKings for the first time since Week 4, but the Sunday Million is here with $200,000 to first and another $100,000 to second on just a $20 entry. It should be a nice warmup for the ridiculous $10 million FFWC that DraftKings has on tap beginning in Week 15.

I love breaking down wide receivers because they rock and I’m way better at it than picking other positions. If DraftKings had nothing but wide receiver positions, I’d be the new CSURAM88. But alas, we need to start those pesky quarterbacks and running backs.

Here’s a look at some wide receivers who are eligible for use in the Week 14 Sunday Million.


Top Five Wide Receivers

Calvin Johnson, Detroit vs Tampa Bay, $9500 – Megatron sure looked healthy against the Bears on Thanksgiving, hauling in 11 passes for 146 yards and two scores. Now with 10 days of rest and facing one of the worst defenses in the NFL, I don’t think there’s any question that Johnson is the top wide receiver option in terms of bulk points. The question is whether or not it makes sense to save some money for someone like Demaryius Thomas or Julio Jones. You could even drop to Jordy Nelson in a juicy matchup and save $1400 in the process.


Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh at Cincinnati, $9300 – In Brown’s worst game of the year, he scored 13.4 fantasy points. He has at least 31 fantasy points in five contests in 2014, so he’s the ultimate combination of a high floor and high ceiling. It’s really tough to fit an elite receiver into your cash lineups if you’re paying up at quarterback and running back, but Brown is one of two receivers (Demaryius being the other) who I believe to be so safe that you can overpay for them in cash games just for the bulk points.


Demaryius Thomas, Denver vs Buffalo, $8800 – Although Brown is always a consideration, Thomas’s price tag and matchup makes him a better option to me this week. Basically all of the elite receivers are in play in tournaments, but Thomas is the one truly top-priced guy who I am going to use a whole lot in every league type. He has scored a touchdown or gone over 100 yards in every game since Week 3.


Julio Jones, Atlanta at Green Bay, $8300 – After running into some trouble in the middle part of the season when Atlanta’s offensive line couldn’t block Martin Gramatica, Jones has rebounded like we knew he would. Note that the over/under in this game is hovering around 56, but the Packers are between 11 and 12-point favorites. That means Vegas likes Green Bay to score a buttload of points, but Atlanta…not so much.


A.J. Green, Cincinnati vs Pittsburgh, $8200 – With the inconsistencies of the Cincinnati offense, Green becomes less of an option for me because he’s basically a more volatile version of Julio Jones. Given that the Atlanta receiver is just $100 more and is less likely to put up a dud, I think he’s the better play. I also prefer Matt Ryan to Andy Dalton as a quarterback to stack in GPPs.


Five Others to Consider

Jordy Nelson, Green Bay vs Atlanta, $8100

Josh Gordon, Cleveland vs Indianapolis, $8100

Ready for the only argument you need to roster Gordon? He has 29 targets in two games since returning from suspension. That’s it. That’s all you need to know.

T.Y. Hilton, Indianapolis at Cleveland, $8000

Emmanuel Sanders, Denver vs Buffalo, $7900

Odell Beckham, Jr., NY Giants at Tennessee, $7700


Five Mid-Priced Wide Receivers

Golden Tate, Detroit vs Tampa Bay, $7500 – Tate is a potential contrarian tournament play given that everyone will be on Megatron this week, but I don’t think he’s worth consideration in cash games. If you’re going to take a No. 2 receiver on a potentially potent offense, wouldn’t you much prefer Cobb at $100 cheaper?


Randall Cobb, Green Bay vs Atlanta, $7400 – It’s hard not to be bullish on an offense that Vegas has projected so favorably. There are going to be a whole lot of Rodgers/Nelson stacks this week, and rightfully so, but this is a game in which you can load up on a few Green Bay players. That means adding Cobb into the mix and perhaps considering Davante Adams, too. And dare I say that there’s enough upside to use a QB/RB/WR stack that includes Lacy?


Keenan Allen, San Diego vs New England, $7200 – Allen was always the Chargers’ top pass-catcher and defenses should have known that even when he was struggling. With 17 catches for 125 yards and three touchdowns over the past two games, no one is overlooking Allen now, especially not Bill Belichick. Though I think Allen is perhaps a decent value in terms of his median projection and the fact that he could see a lot of targets, I also think his upside is limited against a Pats D that will likely do everything in their power to take him out of this game.


Jeremy Maclin, Philadelphia vs Seattle, $6800 – It wasn’t long ago that Maclin was one of the most expensive wide receivers on DraftKings. He’s coming off of a 108-yard game and 10 days rest, but this matchup is so unfavorable that I’m not really very high on the Eagles’ receiver. Maclin is probably in the same boat as Allen as someone who theoretically offers value but has very limited upside.


Mike Evans, Tampa Bay at Detroit, $6700 – It might be tempting to throw Evans into the same boat as Allen and Maclin as a receiver with a poor matchup; he’s facing the fourth-best defense versus receivers in Detroit. The difference to me is that the Lions don’t have a Darrelle Revis or Richard Sherman. Playing indoors and likely to see a good number of targets, I like Evans this week.


Five Others to Consider

DeAndre Hopkins, Houston at Jacksonville, $6600

Hopkins’ price soared after his breakout game in Week 13. The question is if we’ve learned something new about Hopkins such that we should still buy in on him despite the price jump. I’m going to say that we didn’t, but it might not matter since Hopkins has been underpriced for a long time. The main concern of mine is that the Texans are projected at only 23 points in Jacksonville, so this could be a situation that’s only decent when it looks really enticing.

Kelvin Benjamin, Carolina at New Orleans, $6500

Brandon LaFell, New England at San Diego, $6100

Kenny Stills, New Orleans vs Carolina, $6000

Anquan Boldin, San Francisco at Oakland, $5900


Five Value Wide Receivers

Jarvis Landry, Miami vs Baltimore, $5600 – With at least five catches in every game since Week 9, is it possible that Landry is a sneak good cash play? I’m going to say maybe – or at least it’s not obvious – because he also doesn’t have more than 68 yards in any of those games. Though the receptions make him playable, I still want a little more upside from my players, even in cash games.


Kendall Wright, Tennessee vs NY Giants, $5400 – Wright is similar to Landry, except with a worse quarterback, less consistency, and probably a worse probability of scoring a touchdown. While I will at least consider Landry in cash games, Wright isn’t on my radar against a top-10 pass defense.


Andre Johnson, Houston at Jacksonville, $5300 – Johnson is an example of a receiver whose production is volatile who I will still roster in cash games (and GPPs) because of the value. Despite only two touchdowns this year, Johnson has much more natural scoring ability than Wright or Landry.


Mike Wallace, Miami vs Baltimore, $5200 – Wallace hasn’t topped 100 yards all season and, although he’s considered a wide receiver with upside because of his speed, I don’t think he has a particularly high ceiling in any game. The problem is that he’s so reliant on big plays to reach that elite ceiling that he basically needs two or three low-probability events to take place in a single game for him to really provide you with upside.


Eric Decker, NY Jets at Minnesota, $5000 – I’m going to dig my own daily fantasy grave by continuing to roster Decker, but I’m still convinced that he’s a really good receiver. He’s not Jordy Nelson or Keenan Allen, but I don’t think he’s that far behind. The quarterback situation sucks, obviously, but that’s more than priced into his salary. Can’t wait to use Decker and really cash in on those two catches for 18 yards.


Five Others to Consider

Vincent Jackson, Tampa Bay at Detroit, $4900

Michael Crabtree, San Francisco at Oakland, $4900

Mohamed Sanu, Cincinnati vs Pittsburgh, $4800

Donte Moncrief, Indianapolis at Cleveland, $4700

As much as I think Moncrief is a talented player – perhaps even Indy’s best receiver – he’s tough to roster until we know he’s going to see more targets. He’s averaging just 2.8 this year and had only four last week in his big game.

Charles Johnson, Minnesota vs NY Jets, $4300