Everyone knows the high priced stars that they’d love to load their lineups with, but you’ll need low-priced value plays to make it all work. We have one more week to win all the contests during Championship Weekend, so let’s get to it!

As always, values are 5.5K and below for QBs, under 5K for RB/WR, under 4K for TE and under 3K for defenses. Contact me with any questions on Twitter @JasonWalker_72.


Peyton Manning ($5,500) – This is your only remotely value QB as we’ve defined it this year. Can he make value in this game? Yes, he can. But you are more likely to hit it with Cam Newton or Carson Palmer than with Manning. I like the Pats defense (Whoops, that’s a spoiler!) this week so I would say save elsewhere and pay up at QB. But if you are convinced to go low, Manning can make value at 5.5K.

Running Back

C.J. Anderson ($4,400) – Anderson continues to round back into the form he showed last season and did more with his attempts than Hillman did last week, including taking the only line plunge at the end zone. CJA for me in the battle of the Broncos RB values.

James White ($4,500) – He’s not Dion Lewis, but it’s clear now that Edelman, Gronk and Brady have put the band back together for the Patriots that the team is going back to what they did successfully offensively at the beginning at the season, with White filling the Lewis role.

Wide Receiver

Jerricho Cotchery ($2,400) – What is this weird land of sub 3K wide receivers? Cotchery has one of the best WR/CB matchups this week against Jerraud Powers and is the kind of veteran safe spot that QBs look for when it gets to this part of the season.

Brandon LaFell ($3,300) – Well, if the whole band is back together for the Patriots, then you can finally employ the backup singers, which is what LaFell is and his price has dropped low enough that he doesn’t need to do much to make his value here.

Tight End

Owen Daniels ($2,300) – He’s your value TE huckleberry this week and though it’s hard to roster someone who runs as fast as…well, wait, we should include Daniels with fast in any sentence. Still, at 2.3K and playing his share of downs out there and Manning at QB, he can score 7-10 DK points and wail on value.

Defense/Special Teams

New England Patriots ($3,100) – No defenses fit our pricing model so we’ll roll with the lowest salaried defense on the board, which also happens to be my top pick on defenses. The Broncos OL is the worst left on the board in terms of pass pro and the Patriots were second in getting those sacks. The fun comeback story ends for Manning in the arms of sacking Patriots.