Week ten looks to be a very tough one for selecting a tight end. Both Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Gates are on byes, so is Indianapolis which has two tight ends worth considering most weeks. The end result for the tight end pool is it is really lacking in solid choices after the elite tier of players. It was very hard to find any good options in the lower price range this week. I think there are a lot of safe options this week, but it is pretty tough to find anyone who screams “upside pick” for less than $4,500:

Elite TE

vs Position
Average Fantasy
Points per Game
Last Game
Jimmy GrahamNew Orleans$6,300vs San Francisco10th16.221.3
Martellus BennettChicago$5,600@ Green Bay18th16.721.5
Travis KelceKansas City$5,100@ Buffalo15th12.216.7
Greg OlsenCarolina$5,000@ Philadelphia1st14.76.0
Julius ThomasDenver$4,900@Oakland11th16.411.3

Jimmy Graham, New Orleans, $6,300 — What Graham has been doing with a sprained shoulder is pretty impressive. He might not be completely healthy yet, but he does get ten days to rest up for his game against San Francisco. Perhaps his ceiling is a little lower than it would be if he were 100%, but Graham is still the best bet at tight end this week; he also is not priced all that bad considering the other options this week.

Martellus Bennett, Chicago $5,600 — Solid best describes Bennett this week. He has a slightly favorable matchup — Green Bay ranks 18th against tight ends this season — and has scored over ten fantasy points in his last three games. He has only had one bad fantasy game all season, and has had four games with over 20 fantasy points. If you cannot afford Graham, Bennett is a solid option at tight end.

Travis Kelce, Kansas City, $5,100 — What? Travis Kelce makes one of my columns? Shocking! No choice this week with Kelce being the third highest priced tight end. I am not a huge fan of Kelce at this price. He is on the road, playing a solid defense, and is priced over $5000. I do not hate Kelce this week, I would just rather spend the extra money for Graham or Bennett if I could.

Greg Olsen, Carolina, $5,000 — It is safe to say that Olsen is no longer the hottest tight end in fantasy. In fact, he has been pretty bad the last two game, totaling only 8.6 fantasy points during that span. Worse still, he has only been targeted seven times the last two weeks. The Panthers offense is struggling, and Philadelphia has been the toughest team against tight ends this season so Olsen’s prospects this week are not very good.

Julius Thomas, Denver, $4,900 — Good thing Thomas found the end zone in week ten, if he had not it would have been another disastrous game. Over the last three games, Thomas has not topped 33 yards receiving; he has only had two receptions in each of the last two games, and was only targeted two times in week ten. Add Thomas to the list of guys I will not be adding to my daily fantasy teams this week.

Mid-Priced TE

NameTeam SalaryOpponentOpponent
vs Position
Average Fantasy
Points per Game
Last Game
Jason WittenDallas$4,600@ Jacksonville17th9.512.2
Heath MillerPittsburgh$4,500@ New York Jets29th9.92.4
Larry DonnellNew York Giants$4,400@ Seattle27th12.512.5
Mychal RiveraOakland$3,800vs Denver28th7.723.8
Vernon DavisSan Francisco$3,400@ New Orleans3rd7.43.9

Jason Witten, Dallas, $4,600 — Blah applies both to Witten and the entire tight end pool for me this week. If you are looking for a guy who will be likely to get you 10-15 points this week Witten is your guy. He is playing Jacksonville and he has been solid the last two weeks. Really not much else to say; Witten is unlikely to give you a monster game, but given the tight end position this week is a solid option.

Heath Miller, Pittsburgh, $4,500 — So, do you feel lucky? If so then Miller is the tight end for you. Miller has had two games with over 24-fantasy points this season; he also as had seven games with less than ten fantasy points. The matchup would indicate that Miller is due for a big game as the Jets rank 29th against tight ends this season. No matter how you slice it, Miller is a pretty big risk; if you are looking to save money at TE, and still want the potential for a monster game, Miller is your guy.

Larry Donnell, New York Giants, $4,400 — Remember during your fantasy drafts — for season long leagues — how Seattle was the first defense drafted? I am guessing the owners who took the Seattle D in round eight are regretting that pick by now. Among the things that Seattle has struggled against defensively this season is the tight end position; last week they allowed Mychal Rivera to score 23.8 fantasy points. Donnell can do that too. Donnell is sort of like Miller this week with a little more upside and a little less risk; he is also cheaper making him a better option in my opinion.

Mychal Rivera, Oakland, $3,800 — I am not one to brag generally, but I am very proud of my call on Rivera last week. I never imagined he would put up 23.8 fantasy points, but he was my favorite cheap tight end in week nine — and the one I used on my team. Rivera gets a price increase this week but not a huge one; he once again has a nice matchup. He has less upside than Miller and Donnell, but is also a safer pick and cheaper.

Vernon Davis, San Francisco, $3,400 — No, I am not calling Davis a contrarian pick this week. He is on this list so I can warn against falling into the “stud” player at a low price trap. Davis has a bad matchup this week — facing the team ranked 3rd against tight ends this season — and has not had a game with over seven fantasy-points since week one. Avoid Davis.

Bargain TE

NameTeam SalaryOpponentOpponent
vs Position
Average Fantasy
Points per Game
Last Game
Charles ClayMiami$3,400@ Detroit16th8.317.5
Owen DanielsBaltimore$3,300vs Tennessee19th10.511.3
Scott ChandlerBuffalo$3,300vs Kansas City12th7.68.2
Clay HarborJacksonville$3,200vs Dallas31st8.70
Jared CookSt. Louis$3,000@ Arizona24th7.93.2

Charles Clay, Miami, $3,400 — Strangely, consistency has not been Clay’s game this season. In the past, Clay has been a solid PPR tight end because he is usually good for five receptions a game or so, the issue has been a lack of touchdowns. This season, the receptions have not been there. But, he has found the end zone in two of his last three games and Detroit has been average against tight ends this season. Clay is not a bad play this week, though also far from a sure thing.

Owen Daniels, Baltimore, $3,300 — Daniels missed only one game after undergoing knee surgery, and came back to score 11.3 fantasy points to boot. Daniels is a nice play this week. He has averaged 13.3 fantasy-points in home games this season, is facing a below average defense against tight ends, and Daniels was targeted nine times in week ten.

Scott Chandler, Buffalo, $3,300 — Kansas City has allowed tight ends to catch seven touchdowns in eight games this season; it just so happens that Chandler’s fantasy game is finding the end zone. When Chandler has a good fantasy game, it is because he has scored a TD. The odds are pretty good he will this week. Chandler is a solid option if you want to go cheap at tight end.

Clay Harbor, Jacksonville, $3,200 — As of this writing, I do not have access to the snap counts from week ten; I do not know if Harbor’s two targets are the result of him not playing all that much, or Blake Bortles just did not look his way against Cincinnati. Despite the big, fat doughnut in the score column for Harbor in week ten, I sort of like him this week, mostly because Dallas is horrible — they rank 31st — against tight ends. Harbor is a risk — and you will want to make sure he practices this week — but all players at this price are a risk, and given the matchup, Harbor has nice upside this week.

Jared Cook, St. Louis, $3,000 — It was a struggle to find a $3,000 tight end this week. Looking at the names available at that price, you can understand why they only cost $3,000. Cook is the guy I like most at the $3,000 price point. He has a good matchup — Arizona ranks 24th against tight ends — he has averaged 7.9 fantasy points per game, and best of all, he is as cheap a tight end as you can find this week.

That is our look at the tight position for week eight. Good luck with your team; you can catch me on Twitter @STCDub.