Which teams are up and which teams are down after nine weeks of NFL action? The DraftKings social team compiled their own power rankings below. Hit us up on Twitter @DraftKings with your thoughts!

NFL Week 10 Power Rankings



Josh on the Detroit Lions (#11):

“Lost in the hype of Tom Brady, the Cowboys Wonder-Kids, and Matt Ryan as MVP candidates, there may not be a more deserving player than Matt Stafford. He’s putting up the best numbers of his career and has been clutch in the fourth quarter – all without Calvin Johnson.”

Graham on the Seattle Seahawks (#3):

“The Seahawks proved on Monday Night why they are still one of the most lethal teams in the league. Russell Wilson looked healthy as ever, which is bad news for the rest of the NFC.

Rob on the Oakland Raiders (#4):

“The RAAAAAAAAAAAIDDDEEERRRRS are a making moves, and their offense doesn’t seem to be easing up at all. It will be interesting to watch things unfold as they head into their bye week.”