DraftKings is pleased to announce an exciting new contest, the “NFL FREE $10K CROSS-SPORT SURVIVOR CONTEST”, exclusively for DraftKings Players who have registered on the DraftKings Website. For each round of the contest, a percentage of entrants will be eliminated based on their scores in that round’s contest and the remaining entrants will continue on to the next round to compete. Each round, a user will have to draft a new set of players to continue to play. In the event a user does not draft his or her team for a given round, he or she will play with an empty team for that day, therefore forfeiting his or her position. Winners will be awarded Entry Tickets to the next round of the contest and the ticket will automatically redeem.


NFL Round 1 – Enter FREE

Sunday, January 22 – Up to 300,000 Advance to NBA

NBA Round 2

Tuesday, January 24 – Top 80% of the field Advances to NHL

NHL Round 3

Thursday, January 26 – Top 80% of the field Advances to MMA

MMA Round 4

Saturday, January 28 – Top 80% of the field Advances to SOC

SOC Round 5

Tuesday, January 31 – Top 80% of the field Advances to PGA

PGA Round 6

Thursday, February 2 – $10,000 Paid out in the Prize Structure below


1st – $250
2nd – $150
3rd-5th – $100
6th-10th – $75
11th-25th – $50
26th-50th – $25
51st-100th – $10
101st-200th – $5
201st-700th – $3
701st-1950th – $2
1951st-4500th – $1


In the event multiple users tie for the last spot in the next round, the tied users will split the cash value of ticket and none will advance to the next round.