Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jameis Winston QB (1st round)—FSUUSATSI_8556307_168381090_lowres
Let’s get this out of the way quick.  I think Winston is overrated and going to be a flop in the NFL.  There I said it.  I know I know, he played in a pro-style offense in college and he’s big and hard to take down, both pluses.  He also turned the ball over way too much in said pro-style offense and while he’s big, he isn’t fast (barely cracked 5 sec in the 40).  I don’t see Winston as a polished enough passer to consistently make the NFL throws he’ll need to, and he’s not athletic enough to make up for that with his feet.  He reminds me a lot of former FSU QB, EJ Manuel and little bit of former Bucs QB Josh Freeman (remember when people thought he was good?).  Winston gets to play with two mammoth WR’s in Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson so there’s fantasy potential here, but long term I don’t see Winston as the answer at QB for the Bucs.

Kenny Bell WR (5th round)—Nebraska
The Bucs made another interesting offensive pick in this draft when they drafted Kenny Bell in the 5th round.  Bell was being touted as a sleeper before the draft but ended up falling into the 5th round.  He ran sub 4.4 in the 40 at his pro-day and has great straight line speed and decent agility.  I like gambling on Bell in the 5th round and think this is a solid pick by the Bucs.  Bell is someone who has the athleticism to develop into an Antonio Brown type, and at worst gives the Bucs a great 3rd WR option for deep balls or screens.  Keep an eye on Bell to see how he progresses in preseason.

DraftKings: Daily Fantasy Impact
OK, here’s where Winston suddenly gets interesting.  I foresee a slow start but remember, even if I’m right and Winston isn’t the next hall of famer everyone thinks he is he still gets to play with Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans.  I will want nothing to do with Winston against decent defenses next year.  But, against some weaker pass D’s later in the year I will definitely consider a Winston/Mike Evans team, especially if his DraftKings salary starts to get towards min-price (which I think it will).  My daily fantasy advice?  Try to avoid using Winston early in the season if possible and target him later once he gets more comfortable against weaker opponents.


Carolina Panthers

Devin Funchess WR (2nd round)—MichiganUSATSI_8095691_168381090_lowres
Hmm, there’s a couple things that irk me about this pick.  The first is that the Panthers already have two big bodied pass catchers in Greg Olsen and Kelvin Benjamin, did they really need to waste a second rounder on a third?  The second is I really have no idea if Funchess is worth it.  Funchess only ran 4.7 at the combine (although he did reportedly run much faster at his pro day).  The idea being bandied about is that the Panthers want to use him as a hybrid TE/WR type and exploit his mismatch potential in the redzone.  That’s all fine and dandy but isn’t that Greg Olsen and Kelvin Benjamin are for?  I think Funchess has too many question marks to be drafted this high.  It’s possible he develops into a solid second receiver, and Jermichael Finley type option in time, but he wouldn’t have been my pick here.

Cameron Artis-Payne RB (5th round)—Auburn
I’m a huge Jonathan Stewart and the first thing I’ll say is, I’m not too worried about this pick.  Artis Payne is a solid, one-cut back with decent speed for his size.  But he does nothing better than Stewart and should be strictly the backup in Carolina next year.  If Stewart goes down then I do think Payne could be interesting for fantasy.  He’s a decent back and in Carolina’s option offense could rack up good numbers and redzone looks against weaker teams.

DraftKings: Daily Fantasy Impact
I’m not highly thrilled with either of the Panthers draft picks for daily fantasy purposes.  Funchess projects as a limited used third wheel in the Panthers already limited pass offense and Payne should be strictly the backup.  Of the two I think Funchess could make the more immediate impact, especially if he’s given starting WR duties right away.  I’ll be watching him in preseason.  Artis-Payne would be in play for me on DraftKings if Jonathan Stewart ever went down, he’s easily their second best RB at the moment.


Atlanta Falcons

Tevin Coleman RB (3rd round)—East CarolinaUSATSI_8237959_168381090_lowres
Well, well, well, what do we have here?  The Atlanta Falcons, after years of relying on lead-footed Stephen Jackson and awful Jacquizz Rodgers may have finally found themselves the perfect back for their high octane offense.  Coleman is a smaller back who had some of his best games in college against some of the strongest teams.  When a back burns Ohio State for over 200 yards you should stand up and take notice.  Coleman is a speed demon who ran right around 4.4 for the 40m on his pro-day and looked to possibly be even faster than that in some of his college games.  He’s great at exploding through holes in small space and for my money projects as one of the best backs in this entire draft.  I think Atlanta made the best offensive pick of this division with Coleman and he should fit in perfectly in their shotgun-spread system.

Justin Hardy WR (4th round)—East Carolina
What’s this? Another solid pick by the Falcons? I think Hardy is an excellent fit for the Falcons and perfect wingman to work alongside Julio Jones in the slot.  Hardy excelled in college making tough catches and set the all-time NCAA reception record in his final year.  He’s not overly fast or huge, but he’s reliable and great at getting you a completion when you need it.  Hardy should immediately slot into this offense now that Atlanta has moved on from Harry Douglas.

DraftKings: Daily Fantasy Impact
There’s a lot to digest here for fantasy.  First, you will need to watch preseason to see how both players are being used before committing to them on DraftKings.  While I don’t foresee Hardy making an impact right away (remember Roddy White is still there) if Roddy White goes down Hardy could be the one to inherit a lot of his targets.   Hardy could be a PPR monster in this offense one day (maybe even in 2015).  Coleman is the one I see with the chance to make a huge impact from day one.  If Atlanta starts giving him even half the work (and passing downs) then watch out.  Remember all those long td’s Antone Smith scored last year?  That could be Coleman but with extra rushing yards and catches added to the mix.


New Orleans Saints

Garrett Grayson
Grayson will probably never see the field this year but I thought I’d include him here in case Brees went down with an injury.  Grayson really excelled in college against weaker schools, but struggled against tougher opponents.  He’s not overly huge or athletic but is someone who could probably lead the Saints offense for a game or two if he needed to.  I don’t think he’s the QB of the future in New Orleans but he is good insurance policy for the aging Drew Brees.

Marcus Murphy
Murphy was the duel threat in college exceling on special teams and in the run game.  He’s undersized but very shifty.  The bottom line on Murphy is that he’s too small and too slow (ran 4.6 at combine) to be used in the offense on a consistent basis.  He could catch on in special teams but I don’t think he’s someone who will make a huge impact.

DraftKings: Daily Fantasy Impact
Neither of these players excite me.  If Murphy wins a roster spot and starts getting some third down work then he may be someone to keep an eye on.  I personally don’t think he’s got much potential but I have been wrong before.  Grayson is strictly Brees insurance.  Even if he starts one week he’s not worth the gamble on DraftKings.