I don’t think anything beats Week One of football. The excitement is unmatched. So, now that we have shed some light on some of our opening week questions, we turn to week two and continue our quest to the huge cash here on DraftKings. For this week’s article, we’ll still be focusing on a lot of last years stats, but we’ll be mixing in the results of last week as well. As always, you can get me on the ol’ Twitter machine @SBuchanan24.

The Vegas Lines

Highest Scoring Games

Below are the three highest scoring projected games and individual teams based on Vegas Lines.

1) Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles

Over/Under: 55 Points
Line: -5

The Eagles come into this game as the favorite, and why shouldn’t they be? Dallas suffered a devastating injury to Dez Bryant that will side line him from anywhere between 4-12 weeks, depending on who you trust. Even without Bryant, Romo put on quite the show in their come from behind victory against the Giants. With just a half quarter remaining, Romo completed 11 of 12 passes for 147 yards, resulting in two touchdowns. The biggest question going forward however, will be if Romo can sustain this type of production with out Bryant. On one account, Romo faces the worst pass defense in the Eagles this week, who allowed 298 yards to Matt Ryan and the Falcons on Monday. With the Bryant injury, expect to see upticks in targets for Cole Beasley and Jason Witten. Terrence Williams will also see an added workload, but I can see Romo going to Beasley and Witten more. The majority of people are on the Williams train in terms of workload, but I just think it might go the opposite. I think Beasley should get the biggest jump out of the group, as the Eagles are certainly a lot tougher on TE’s than they are WR.

As for the Eagles, they looked like a team that was dead in the water during the first half. Entering half time, they only managed a field goal, in a game that was expected to have one of the highest total scores of the week. Bradford turned it on in the second half ending up with 36 completed passes on 52 attempts for 336 yards. The Cowboys were certainly a team that let the ball fly last season, giving up 10th most passing yards to quarterbacks last season. With all this being said, I can 100% see how this has the potential to be the highest scoring game of the week. Oh, did we forget to mention that DeMarco Murray is facing his former team? Hellooooooooo narrative street!

2) Atlanta Falcons @ N.Y. Giants

Over/Under: 50.5 Points
Line: -2.5

The Falcons and Giants lock horns in what should be another entertaining matchup. The Giants are looking for a bounce back for Eli Manning this week, who had an extremely lackluster game against the Cowboys. Going up against the Falcons, who allowed 336 passing yards to Sam Bradford, Eli and company have a much better chance to capitalize. After a tough start for Odell Beckham Jr, who received eight targets, I see a much better performance for their top wide receiver. With Jordan Matthews burning the Falcons last week, I can’t imagine Beckham can’t do the same.

As for Matt Ryan and company, the Giants let up the 12th most passing yards to quarterbacks last season with the second most on the week in week one, with 356. Look for the Ryan and Julio Jones connection to continue this week, although I don’t think I had to tell you that. Jones could honestly be in line for a career year, if he continues to build off his nine receptions for 141 yards and two touchdowns performance. With this one looking to be a close game, I don’t expect the run game to be a big factor, so expect a lot of passing and lots of opportunities for Beckham and Jones. Fantasy goodness.

3) Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packers

Over/Under: 48.5 Points
Line: -3.5 

I love this game. This might be the one game I’m looking forward to. One of the top defenses in the league going up against one of, if not the, best quarterback in the league. LOVE IT. Aaron Rodgers acted as if he doesn’t even know who Jordy Nelson is, as James Jones went OFF with four catches, two of them for touchdowns. While we all watched in disgust, wishing we were racking up those points, it was refreshing to see Rodgers nailing down this victory. So now, how can Rodgers fare this week against the elite Seattle defense? Seattle allowed 297 passing yards by Nick Foles last week in an eventual loss that sent shockwaves throughout the NFL community. Truly, who saw this one coming? Coming off a year where Seattle allowed the least amount of passing yards to quarterbacks, it won’t get much easier for the Seattle defense.

The other interesting aspect for this week will again focus on Seattle, as their offensive line is a MESS. Russell Wilson was sacked SIX TIMES last week against the Rams. They had the second to last pass blocking rating last week at -16.3, the only other team worse last week was the Baltimore Ravens. It will be interesting to see how the Seattle offensive line makes the adjustments for this game against Green Bay. It’s projected to be a high scoring affair, one that I will be keeping a close eye on.

Lowest Scoring Games

Below are the two lowest scoring projected games and individual teams based on Vegas Lines.

1) Houston Texans @ Carolina Panthers

Over/Under: 40.5 Points
Line: -3

A game that is full of questions marks right now for the Houston Texans, this one features a game full of good defense that takes us into the lowest projected scoring game of the week. The Texans still haven’t announced who their starting quarterback will be. However, with the choices being either Brian Hoyer or Ryan Mallett, I don’t think the Panthers defense is going to care who it is. They’ll be able to handle whomever the Texas throw out on the field. The Panthers ripped apart the Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles, sacking him five times and nabbing two interceptions off of him. The only kink in the Panthers armor going into week two is the injury to Luke Kuechly, who suffered a concussion. His status for week two is certainly in jeopardy. The Texans are fully healthy on defense with Jadeveon Clowney and JJ Watt handling the heavy workload. This is one game you’ll want to avoid for offensive purposes, but in my opinion, is another great game to target the Panthers defense. With the Texans quarterback situation in flux at the moment, the Panthers should be able to feast on whomever they trot out on Sunday.

2) Miami Dolphins @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Over/Under: 41.5 Points
Line: -6.5 

If you thought the Jaguars had a tough matchup against the Panthers last week, wait until they take the field against the revamped Miami Dolphins. The Jaguars were only able to manage a measly nine points against the stellar Panthers defense, and this week they get the Dolphins, who I think are even better defensively. With Ndamukong Suh and a strong secondary, Bortles may be in for another long game. As I mentioned, Bortles was sacked five times last week against the Panthers and quite frankly, we could see more of the same here. The Jaguars will face a different animal with Ryan Tannehill this week, as Tannehill will be focusing more on the passing game then Cam Newton would. Last season, the Jaguars gave up the 11th most yards in the league with 24 touchdowns. It doesn’t help that the Jaguars will continue to be missing Marqise Lee and Julius Thomas. I can’t see you wanting to roster anyone from the Jaguars to begin with, but this should be another high scoring affair for the Dolphins defense.

Defense vs. Position Matchup Breakdown

This section will mainly focus on the 2014 stats and rankings for these teams, with results from Week one mixed in. Next week, we will switch gears and focus mostly on the 2015 stats, as we’ll at least have two games to go off of for stats.

Best DvP Matchups – Quarterbacks

1) Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers – The Seahawks ended 2014 as the top team against the quarterback position. In week one, they gave up the 9th most yards on the week to Nick Foles, who went 23-34 on pass attempts for 298 yards but no touchdowns. Things won’t get much easier for Seattle this week when they face Aaron Rodgers.

2) Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots – The storylines for this game will be all over the place. The Bills were fantastic against quarterbacks last season, giving up the least amount of touchdowns with 16 on the entire season. Last week seemed like more of the same, as they held Andrew Luck to 243 yards and completed only 26 of 49 pass attempts. Tom Brady might have his work cut out of him in this one.

3) Cincinnati Bengals vs. San Diego Chargers – Who needs Antonio Gates when you have Keenan Allen? Phillip Rivers blasted Allen with 15 receptions on 17 targets for 166 yards in week one against the Detroit Lions. However, the Bengals certainly aren’t the Lions. The Bengals held opposing quarterbacks to just 18 touchdowns on the season last year.

Worst DvP Matchups – Quarterbacks

1)Washington Redskins vs. St. Louis Rams – In a game that I truly thought was going to be a blowout, the Redskins actually held their own against Ryan Tannehill. Allowing only 226 yards on 34 attempts is pretty impressive, even for the Redskins! This week the take on Nick Foles, who did fairly well against Seattle last week. I have a funny feeling the Redskins won’t be able to sustain their week one success.

2) Chicago Bears vs. Arizona Cardinals – If you needed any indication that the Bears are likely to let up some points to the quarterback, look no further than week one. The Bears gave up three touchdowns to Aaron Rodgers last week on just 189 passing yards. Rodgers had 18 completions on 23 attempts last week. The matchup this week won’t get much better, as the Bears have to take on a healthy Carson Palmer, who completed 19-of-32 attempts for 307 yards and three touchdowns against the Saints last week.

3) Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys – It’s very well known that the Eagles are weak against quarterbacks. Giving up the most yards on the season to go along with 30 touchdowns, the Eagles picked up where they left off. Matt Ryan was able to tag them for two touchdowns last week. Tony Romo is going to have to decide how to work this game without Dez Bryant for the foreseeable future. If there was any game for him to get a feel for the rest of the offense, it certainly will be this one.

Best DvP Matchups – Running Backs

1) Baltimore Ravens vs. Oakland Raiders – The Ravens have been notorious for stopping the run, however, the loss of Terrell Suggs certainly puts a ding in that brick wall they put up. Even with the loss of Suggs, the Ravens still look to be one of the best against the run this season. The Raiders will certainly try to feed Latavius Murray the ball this week, if Derek Carr ends up missing some time. I just don’t see him being overly productive in this matchup. The Ravens only allowed 71.8 rushing yards per game last season.

2) Detroit Lions vs. Minnesota Vikings – As the season gets older, I think we’ll be seeing less and less of the Lions in the section. After giving up all of seven rushing touchdowns on the season last year, the Lions gave up two in week one to the Chargers. The loss of Suh is going to become more and more obvious as time goes on. With Adrian Peterson looking to shake off a 31 yard performance in week one, I think he has a perfect matchup to do so.

3) Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers – The Seahawks only allowed 70.8 rushing yards per game last season to go along with eight touchdowns. This week to get to face Eddie Lacy and the Packers. Last week, the Seahawks stifled the Rams running game, only allowing 48 rushing yards. However, the issue is the receptions, as Benny Cunningham was able to nab four passes on seven targets for 77 yards. Lacy could be more of a receiving threat than a running threat in this one.

Worst DvP Matchups – Running Backs

1) Oakland Raiders vs. Baltimore Ravens – Oakland picked up right where they left off last season. They weren’t the worst on the night, but the did give up 126 rushing yards to the Bengals last week. Averaging 107 rushing yard per game and 15 touchdowns last season, the Raiders looked as if they haven’t learned anything from last season. With Justin Forsett ready to take on the Raiders, I think we have a good chance on him improving his 43 yards on 14 carries line from last week.

2) Tennessee Titans vs. Cleveland Browns – A lot of the hype for week one was surrounding Doug Martin and his cake matchup again the Titans. Well, file that one under the bust list, as Martin only managed 52 yards on 11 carries. Granted, this game was a blowout for the Titans and Martin didn’t see much of the field in the second half of the game, so maybe we didn’t get a true look. Regardless, the Titans allowed the worst 125 yard per game last season. I don’t know how well the Browns run game will fare in this one, as quite honestly, I don’t think they even know who their primary RB is.

3) Atlanta Falcons vs. N.Y. Giants – The Falcons were pushed around all last season when it came to the run game. Allowing 19 touchdowns on the season, the Falcons starting defensive line might as well have just been a bunch of inflatable humans. Luckily for the Falcons this week, I think this will be another pass heavy game, as Manning and Ryan will be slinging the ball all game long.

Best DvP Matchups – Wide Receivers

1) Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers – When a team faced Seattle last season, they better have came with a Plan B. Plan A, of throwing, will not be considered in this one. The Seahawks averaged giving up 9.9 receptions per game last season for 116 yards. They continued that trend last week, allowing only 93 yards to wide receivers on 12 targets for seven completions. A big test comes up this week with Aaron Rodgers, who passed for 189 yards in week one.

2) Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs – The Broncos have such a good and underrated defense in my opinion. Last year, they Bronco’s D held receivers to 12.6 receptions and 132 yards on the season. It was more of the same in week one, when the Ravens receivers only managed 45 yards on 14 targets with six completions. The Broncos get Alex Smith in week two, who still hasn’t connected with a wide receiver for a touchdown since 2013. I have a feeling week two won’t be the week the changes it all.

3) Cincinnati Bengals vs. San Diego Chargers – The Bengals were money when it came to defending receivers in 2014. They allowed 12.6 receptions per game for 145 yards. They get a tough matchup with Phillip Rivers and the Chargers in week two. A team that threw for 404 yards completing 35-of-42 attempts. The Bengals did well last week against the pass, only allowing 106 yards to receivers, but it was against the Raiders, so how excited can you get?

Worst DvP Matchups – Wide Receivers

1) Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys – The Eagles came into 2015 as the reigning champions of the worst against receivers. Allowing 12.7 receptions per game for 196 yards, they didn’t exactly have a good matchup to show they’re different in 2015. The Eagles gave up 246 yards to the Falcon receivers last week, or should I say 141 yards to Julio Jones and 105 to everyone else. Romo should be looking to spread the wealth in week two.

2) Washington Redskins vs. St. Louis Rams – What a complete 180 for Nick Foles in week two First, he gets one of the best defensives against receivers with the Seahawks, now he gets one of the worst. The Redskins gave up the most touchdowns to receivers last season with an astounding 23. They let up only one last week, but they might have just gotten lucky.

3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New Orleans Saints – Oh boy. Drew Brees against the Bucs has number one quarterback written all over it. With the Bucs giving up 12.6 receptions last year for 171.8 yards, I think Brees has a fantastic matchup here in week two. The Bucs already gave up two receiving touchdowns to the Titans, so why can’t they do the same against the Saints? I see a lot of Brees Cooks hookups for this one. The Bucs secondary gave up five plays of 20 yards or more in week one.

Best DvP Matchups – Tight Ends

1) Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots – This matchup should be awesome. One of the best teams against the tight end position, going up against arguably the best tight end in the game in Rob Gronkowski. The Bills continued their dominance against tight ends in week one, as they only allowed 22 yards on four completions in seven attempts again the Colts.

2) Houston Texans vs. Carolina Panthers – Another matchup with a team that’s fantastic against the tight end, and a tight end who can certainly create some chaos. Greg Olsen goes up against a Texans defense that allowed four touchdowns to tight ends last season. With Olsen coming off a very lackluster performance in week one, he could be in line for another dud. Believe it or not, the Texas did allow two touchdowns last week against Travis Kelce, or as other people say, Baby Gronk.

3) St. Louis Rams vs. Washington Redskins -The Rams only allowed two touchdowns to TE last season, but this week, they get a healthy Jordan Reed. A healthy Jordan Reed is not something you should look forward to facing. Reed looked good in week one, nabbing seven catches on 11 targets for 63 yards and a touchdown.

Worst DvP Matchups – Tight Ends

1) Chicago Bears vs. Arizona Cardinals – Teams loved to feast on the Bears and their inability to control tight ends. The Bears only let up 27 yards to tight ends in week one, but luckily for them, the Packers don’t focus on the tight end position too much. This week will be more of the same, as the Cardinals have Darren Fells starting at that postion. For what it’s worth, Fells did catch a touchdown last week and could end up being a sneaky play this week.

2) New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts – The Colts do occasionally love going to their tight ends, and they may need to more this week if T.Y. Hilton can’t go in week two. The Jets were one of the worst against the tight end position last season, giving up the most touchdowns with 14. The Browns only managed 65 yards from their tight end last week, as the revamped Jets defense looks to shut down another one of Indy’s weapons.

3) Washington Redskins vs. St. Louis Rams -11 touchdowns. That how many the Redskins allowed from tight ends last season. The Rams have Jared Cook to throw at, who led the Rams in receptions and receiving yards in week one. Giving up 73 yards to the Dolphins last week, we could see another big haul out of Cook in week two.

Lineup Quick Hits

One Quarterback You Should Build Lineups Around…

Drew Brees vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($7800) – Brees is the third most expensive quarterback on the week, but I think that’s quite appropriate considering the matchup he has in front of him. Brees gets an extremely weak Tampa Bay defense that has absolutely no secondary. With how much Brees was spreading the ball around last week and throwing for 355 yards, you have to think a line like that this week is entirely possible. Tampa Bay was brutal against quarterbacks last season, allowing 4266 yards to go along with 28 touchdowns. After allowing 42 points to Tennessee last week, the Saints should be in prime positon for a potential blow out.

And the Wide Receiver You Should Pair Him With…

Brandin Cooks($7000) – Cooks had a lot of hype going into week one. However, he only caught four of eight targets for 49 yards. With those kinds of numbers, a casual player would simple bypass Cooks and go onto the next one. Here is where our big advantage starts. I think Cooks is bound to have a much better game than last week, going against a team that allowed 20 touchdowns to receivers. With the Bucs secondary almost non existent, I think Brees will be looking for Cooks in this contest. If anything, hopefully Cooks will see a decrease in his ownage. Advantage: us!

The Highest Scoring Running Back This Week Will Be…

Adrian Peterson vs. Detroit Lions ($7700) -Another bust from last week that I think will certainly turn things around in week two. Peterson gets the Lions, who can’t stop the run to save their lives. Already allowing two rushing touchdowns on 97 yards in week one, Peterson will be looking to redeem his play in week one that only saw him rush for 31 yards. The Lions also allowed eight receptions to running backs on 11 targets for 53 yards. This is by far the best matchup on this slate in week two, one that I will be looking to get a lot of exposure to.

The Biggest Bust of the Week Will Be…

Eddie Lacy ($7,200) – How quickly fortunes can change. Lacy was one of my keys to victory last week, week 2? He’s one of the guys I’m looking to avoid. This is a tough one though, as I feel as though Lacy may find some success in the passing game this week, but I certainly don’t anticipate much in the running game. Seattle has a stranglehold on running backs, so with Lacy tagged with a $7200 salary, that’s a bit much to swallow for someone who won’t be producing much on the ground. Seattle only allowed eight rushing touchdowns on the year last season on 1133 yards, the third least amount given up by any team. This year is going to bring more of the same. With that being said, I think I could spend my money elsewhere, rather than spend $7200 for Lacy as a receiver.

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