Great article on Jimmy Graham’s crazy rough childhood back when he was a rookie on the Saints


Seeing NFL players dance in the endzone and run around like happy dogs every week takes away some real life perspective. Granted that’s why they play, to entertain and wow us all. But many if not most NFL players had a super difficult path to make it to the bigtime. Not just getting their bodies ripped up enough to ball out but also the hardships at home.

11 year old Jimmy Graham took a nap in the car one day and woke up to his mom dropping him off at a group home…like, for good. No doubt that anger and all his fighting in those years helped shape him into a Redzone Assassin but damn. It’s impossible for me to even try to understand what that was like and knowing Graham’s path really makes him all that more impressive. Whether it’s Goldsboro, the Bayou, or the Great Northwest… all Jimmy G does is BALL OUT!