(make sure you watch the entire thing…I PROMISE it’s worth it)


Not sure if I’ve ever seen a video more ridiculous than this year’s primary Madden commercial. I’m not upset about it whatsoever… I just can’t believe it’s actually real. The best playmakers in the NFL getting together in wigs, moustaches, and giant football guns?

Um yea check please SIGN ME UP!

Wow and SO many Dad jokes…




Antonio Brown looking like the FEROCIOUS Hun he is in that silky-smooth-sticky cap!

madden-brown 13







Robert Gronkowski does not work out or party.

madden-gronk 11







Julio flying in HOT like Lord Krum on his way to Candie Land…

madden-julio-jones 12







Kapernick is as blind as a big bad Hutt but really nails that HOOO-AH

madden-kaepernick 15







Rex Ryan dominating large objects with his feet per usual

rex 14




Thrilling storyline, explosive action, Rex getting killed and then being avenged by an actual T-Rex… really gotta tip my cap to EA Sports for leaving no stone unturned on this one.

Maddenoliday really can’t come soon enough…








Madden 16 is released August 25th + NFL Football needs to start IMMEDIATELY